“Volunteers are the true heart and soul of the 4-H program,” says Lupita Fabregas, Missouri 4H State Director. “Without great volunteers working to support 4H members, we would not be able to reach the number of youth we serve in Cedar County with the positive youth development experiences being delivered through 4-H.” Each year, thousands of volunteers in Missouri donate time and energy to make their communities a better place to live. Our 4-H volunteers were among the millions across the country who were celebrated during the annual National Volunteer Week, April 18-24, 2021.

The majority of Missouri 4-H volunteers dedicate on average 100 hours each year to the 4-H program. For Cedar County, volunteer time was valued at $108,800. (*Independent Sector, a national organization, calculates the value of an hour of volunteer service for all 50 states.) As a volunteer-driven organization, the contribution by our volunteers is invaluable, helping youth in the community develop leadership and life skills as they learn more about projects that they are interested.

The Cedar County 4-H program would like to shine a spotlight on a few of the outstanding volunteers that help make the local 4H program a successful learning experience for our youth. These are just a few of the wonderful volunteers serving as role models and investing their time in the growth and development of future generations. We have 40 recognized 4-H volunteers in Cedar County for the 2020-2021 program year and they are:

Marcia Abbott, Susan Abbott, Chelsea Abercrombie, Darren Adams, Adam Arnold, Angela Arnold, Jill Ash, Shelly Barger, Shawn Boultinghouse, Brandi Bradley, Craig Carpenter, Cynthia Carpenter, Terry Costello, Patrick Davis, Debbie Elder, Pam Elkins, Amanda Evans, Whitney Gayman, Jodi Graves, Beth Hacker, Valerie Hubbard, Rebecca Keltner, Robert Lawson, Ruth Long, Amy Lower, Brent Lower, Amy Mead, Chastity McCullick, Jeff Parrish, Brenda Priesendorf, Tom Priesendorf, Julie Rieder, Amanda Schiereck, Jarrod Schiereck, Rachel Stauffer, Amber Strauch, Kurt Strauch KaLee Wisner, Aaron Wosoba, Bryce Wosoba, Stacy Wosoba.

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