After a prayer by Rev. Jack Daniel, the El Dorado Springs City Council was called to order. All council members were present: Glenda Baker, Jim Luster, Gabby Kinnett, Nathan Murrell and Mayor Cory Gayman. City Manager Bruce Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Baldwin were also present.

The council approved on the first and second reading bill 23-02, ordinance No. 1947 on tent construction within the city limits which reads:

Section 1.  Section 8-317 (a) be amended to read as follows:

“(a) The use of tents of any construction shall be prohibited inside the City limits, except as follows:  A tent may be erected by the landowner/lessee for a period not to exceed five (5) days in a calendar month and no more than five (5) consecutive days at any time.”

They also approved on the first and second reading an ordinance adopting   regulations on operating golf carts on city streets which reads:

Section 1.  Section 44-21 Use of golf carts restricted.

• Golf cart is a motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes.

• The following equipment shall be required on all golf carts when operated on City streets, highways, and alleys.

• A fluorescent triangle shaped bicycle safety flag which extends not less than seven (7) feet about the ground attached to the rear of the vehicle.  The bicycle safety flag shall be triangular in shape with an area of not less than thirty-nine inches squared and shall be a day glow orange in color.

• Shall have two headlamps.

• Shall have two tail lamps and reflectors.

• Working brakes.

• Rear view mirror or two side view mirrors.

• Proof of Liability Insurance covering the golf cart.

• When operating a golf cart on City Streets no person shall:

• Operate a Golf Cart without a Valid Operator’s License.

• Operate the golf cart in any careless or imprudent manner so as to endanger any person or property of any person.

• Operate a golf cart while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance.

• Operate a golf cart on the State Highway or Federal Highway system, except to cross a portion of the highway system which intersects a municipal street. No golf cart shall cross any highway at an intersection where the highway being crossed has a posted speed limit of more than forty-five (45) miles per hour.

• Operate a golf cart between the hours of 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.

• Travel outside the most direct route to the golf course from his or her residence or place of storage and back.

• Make any stops for retail purchases or make any other type of stop other than for purposes of obeying traffic laws.

• Have passenger(s) who are required to be in a child restraint seat or a child booster seat.

• Operate a golf cart at a speed over twenty (20) miles per hour.

• Operate a golf cart on the sidewalk or private property.

• No person shall operate a golf cart upon the streets, highways and alley’s,      except as follows:

• Golf carts owned and operated by a government entity for official use or any contractor or subcontractor performing work for the City.

• Golf carts operated exclusively for agriculture or industrial purposes.

• Golf carts operated as a part of a parade, procession or other special event recognized by the City, on the highways or streets of the City.

Blane Howard

Phil Vandal

• Operated by handicapped persons for short distances on occasion when operated between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

The council approved the hiring of Blane Howard to perform during the El Dorado Springs 2023 Picnic on Saturday night, July 22, for $5,000 and Phil Vandal to perform on Thursday night, July 20, for $2,800.

R-II teachers Sheila Benham and Amber Francis asked the council to approved vendors in the Park on Saturday, April 1, as part of the Annual Arts Gala. The art show will be on Friday, March 31. The council approve the exception to the Park rules about vendors in the Park

The council approved a resolution adopting an updated Title VI program, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan. The plan is necessary for the taxi grant.

There was a discussion of a possible speed limit reduction on Allison Rd. The city will ask the Special Road District that maintains half of the road to set up a 25 mile an hour sign close to the 54 Hwy entrance to the road. There was also discussion as to why that portion of the road had not been annexed and speed issues on Hainline, First and Carman.

During the city managers reports, Rogers gave a conceptual drawing of the new pool. The vote to continue with a existing tax will be on the April Ballot. That money will be used towards the rebuilding of the pool and also to secure a grant. He also said that the fire department had gotten a matching grant for $12,160.31 for turn-out gear. The city will match the money. Bruce also said that one of the two police cars had been delivered. He also mentioned that the Liston School building has an unfinished shower room that might be used for the homeless.