The first El Dorado Springs City Council meeting of the New Year began the process of hearing how various departments in the city finished the year. Councilmen Brett Entrikin, Jim Luster, Cory Gayman and Mayor Nathan Murrell were present along with City Clerk Kandi Baldwin and City Manager Bruce Rogers. Councilman Nick Bland was absent.

In the 2020 report from the Police Department, there were: 574 animal control reports, 417 ambulance requests, 275 OOJ’s, 929 assists of other agencies, 25 escorts, 122 nuisance calls, 181 larcenies, 84 assaults, 86 cases of property damage, 47 burglaries and 453 summonses for a  total of 5,524 calls for service.

The Fire Department reported 18 building fires, 1 other than a building fire, 2 cooking fires, 2 chimney fires, 2 mobile home fires, 6 pass. car/pick-up fires, 2 truck fires, 3 off-road vehicle fires, 12 brush fires, 2 grass fires, 7 trash fires, 2 dumpster fires, 13 medical assists, 9 MVA/inj., 5 MVA/no inj., 1 person search, 2 extrications, 2 gasoline spills/leaks, 2 gas leaks, 5 CO incidents w/CO, 2 electrical shorts, 1 arcing, 13 aircraft standbys, 1 animal rescue, 1 police matter, 8 disp. and cancelled, 3 no incident found, 3 auth. burning, 3 reports of smoke odor, 1 haz-mat/nothing, 5 detector malfunction, 8 severe weather for a total of 144 calls – 74 city calls and 70 rural calls

The council also received a report from the El Dorado Springs Community Garden. In 2020 the garden grew 750 pounds of fresh produce at a value of between $480 and $2002.50 Volunteer hours totaled 405 representing a value of approximately $10,299.15.

The council passed resolution 21-01 appointing Britney Spencer as the Treasurer of El Dorado Springs.

In his city manager Report, Rogers said there were 27 teams of 4th, 5th and 6th graders signed for the Jan. 15 and 16 basketball tournament at the Civic Center. The city hopes to clear about $3,000 on the event which will be used for the operation of the facility.

Rogers also said that MODOT has been working on the handicap assessable ramps on Main Street.

The council adjourned to go into executive session.

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