MEMORIAL SOCIETY HONORS AMERICANS – On Oct. 5, the Sun received a message form Hubert Martin, the president of an historical memorial society in Alsace, France. He mentioned that we had written an article about John Yowell on June 8, 2017. The article he mentioned was one we wrote about the Elizabeth Carey Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution along with other patriots honoring WWI soldiers at the Green Lawn Cemetery in Schell City. Three of the soldiers, Rankin Keeney, Harry Starkey and John Yowell had died in France.

  Martin mentioned that he had worked for three years collecting information about the 50 US soldiers killed in his village of Linthal. He said the memorial ceremony was on Sept. 29, exactly 100 years from the day Yowell was killed. He said that 24 relatives of different soldiers took part in the ceremonies including a 98 year old woman from Alabama. Clifton Truman Daniel sent a message which was read during the ceremony. Daniel is the grandson of Harry S Truman who was a Captain in Linthal with the 129th Field Artillery. Martin also said that that the centennial event of the American Troops in WWI was very big. More than a 1000 took part including 200 students from seven schools.

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