The Democrats and the “precious snowflakes” cannot seem to run out of excuses for why Hillary lost the election: FBI director James Comey reopening investigation for Clinton’s email scandal, fake news, Russian hacking, and the media as well as any number of other excuses.   

According to internet sources, Hillary gained a whopping 5 votes in Pennsylvania’s recount effort, while Trump picked up 131 votes in the Wisconsin recount effort. Having failed that, they tried to “persuade” (sometimes with death threats) the electors to change their votes. While Trump ended up having 2 “faithless electors,” Clinton had 5 “faithless electors.” So then, it went to blaming the Russians for hacking the system. What’s so funny, is that Clinton’s campaign was caught rigging the Democrat primary by Wikileaks, then turned around and blamed the Russians for leaking the information and stating that THEY were rigging the election. Sheesh! Had Hillary not even sent all these “secret” emails, there would have been nothing to leak. It amazes me that they can play this game while the opposing side should not be able to.

Now, these “precious snowflakes” are being party poopers by trying to spoil the Trump inauguration by boycotting any big name groups for participating in the inauguration. Though some big names have been affected by the boycott, others, such as Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Rockettes will perform at the inauguration.

Well, I hope that everyone, even the “precious snowflakes,” will have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs