One would think that after the failed attempt to overturn Donald Trump’s president-elect status with the recount effort, all would finally come to a closure. Well, that is just not the case.

I am sure that several of you have already heard about all the emails, phone calls, etc. that have swamped our electoral votes trying to encourage them to change their votes (many of them not so friendly, at least one email confirmed as a death threat). Though this continues to be a problem, and it will until Dec. 19 when the electoral votes are finally cast, this is not the latest craze put forth by the Democrat Party, left wing nuts, and/or the mudstream media.

According to CNN and other “news” sources, Obama has ordered a full review into hacking aimed at influencing U.S. elections. He wants a full report on his desk before inauguration day. I have to wonder if this is all a plan to either keep Donald out of office or keep Obama in. To make it look like a bipartisan plan, they were able to get Lindsey Graham and John McCain to join board.

Stay tuned for more exciting political news in the near future.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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