I read all three letters to the editor with interest last week. I even agree to all of them to some extent. However, I found a few things lacking in two of them. In the letter from the Ministerial Alliance, I totally agree that one must still love all people regardless of color, sex or other conditions; one must always hate the sin. In this letter, the Ministerial Alliance pointed out the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists. I have to wonder if Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other African American supremacist groups, who seem to encourage, as well as induce, violence and sometimes even murder, should have been included in this list. As President Trump stated, we have to address the hate from all sides, not just the white supremacists.

I agree with Kent Morlan that immigration needs to be fixed. I only wish we could expedite the citizenship of those who come here to work, pay their taxes and be an asset to the communities. However, we must also protect our borders from freeloaders, drug peddlers, those who seek to destroy our country and others; I still think we need to do background checks on those that do come in. Also, one would have to wonder about letting in so many, that because they will work for less, will take jobs away from the American workforce. I certainly agree with President Trump that we need to take care of our own in order to take care of others. I find it interesting that Kent would mention that the resident population of US is not replacing itself. I find it ironic that so many believe that abortion is fine here for the reason of population control and these same people scream for more immigrants.

I always read Bud’s letters with interest and agree with him at least 99% of the time. His letters encourage me to do more research on things I am not up-to-date on. I always say to myself that I will meet this guy in person one of these days.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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