I am in favor of the NFL protests. As much as I dislike them, it is one of the freedoms we are guaranteed under our Constitution. A number of players (over 200) from the teams have taken a knee or have decided not to come out of the locker rooms for the National Anthem. However, I am also in favor of how the people react when the players do not respect the National Anthem or the flag.

Numerous people have decided not to go to the games. Others have burned their football memorabilia and season passes. A sponsor has decided to discontinue their ads, more may follow. DirectTV is giving refunds to cancel the NFL Season Package for those who are offended by the NFL protests. I certainly hope to see the number of disgruntled fans grow in hopes that the NFL will get the message. It’s too bad we can’t get away from our troubles and watch an exciting game of football without involving politics.

James Woods said it so clearly, “It’s this simple, they can kneel, sit, or spit during the National Anthem. We can accept it or boycott it. Everybody has a choice.”

God Bless America!!

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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