I noted in the Jan. 5, 2017, edition of the Sun on the front page under the header of “CCAD Board votes to pay themselves” that the Board (Wilson, Turner, Kasco) voted to put $7,000 into the budget for board members pay.

I was not only surprised but also aggravated by this action for the following reasons:

1. When the Board members ran for these offices, they knew the positions did not pay money.

2. This was done with taxpayer money but without a public hearing on the matter.

3. This was done without public notice that I could find.

4. By making these positions paying, we will now get the “good ole boys and girls” who have no real intent except to supplement their retirements.

I am extremely disappointed in Mr. Wilson’s reason for the payout.  Did he know that to be on a public board required extra time and especially as President of that Board?  I have never found that by adding money to a volunteer position the organization ever got better or more performance out of the incumbent but only renewed the “need” for more pay and privileges.  I think this is a bad case of self-serving politics.  It’s taxpayers money and you volunteered for a non-paying job-what is there to not understand???  Get your hands out of my pocket!

Apparently Ms. Haden understood the perceived ethical dark side of this matter by voting “no”.  Who is the “check” to this self appointed pay raise?

Oh’well, local politics and the smell of money… How do you get this stink off your public career as a Board member who voted to put taxpayer money into his pocket?  For shame!

How about supporting the Republican cornerstone of less government by dissolving the ambulance district, selling the assets and bidding a franchise to private enterprise to run an ambulance service in the County?  No ambulance tax for the people, more revenue for the County and better service through competition.  What an idea.

Michael Cheek