Saturday morning, I waited until up in the day and told Kimball, “Davis said something about dinging your car on the driver side door.”

She was soon out the door into the carport checking. I went to the door to let her back in and she asked, “Was that an April Fool?” It was. She didn’t think it was particularly funny.

Tuesday, I got into the passenger seat for Kimball to drive us to vote and to lunch. I couldn’t get the car door to shut. It didn’t pop or anything like I thought a balky door might.

After two or three attempts, I was about to investigate further when Kimball started laughing and Davis, who had followed me to the car and was holding the door, joined her in chortling. I didn’t know he was there and couldn’t see him unless I turned my head.

They thought it was a lot funnier than my April Fool’s joke on Kimball. After a while I kinda saw the humor.

– Well, we lost another old-timer out at Fugate Motors. Larry Brown took care of all things motor home and camper related. He knew a lot more about hunting big deer than I know and evidently had the patience of Job doing it. That was our conversation when I went to order or pick up a part. I hadn’t been out there in a while and didn’t know he was ailing. Nice guy.

– Several guys have told me their turkeys are gobbling. I say their because it is hunter nature to claim a turkey if you hear his gobble. I can usually hear a few from the deck of my house. Monday, I stuck my head out just after daylight and heard nothing. A few minutes later I looked out on the deck and saw the pitter-patter of raindrops. No self-respecting gobbler is going to waste his efforts on a rainy day. How many of you would tailgate in the rain?

– I think Caddeaux, my cat, wants to play with Davis’ dog Caddee. When ever Caddee enters a room where Caddeaeux is, Caddeaux “blows up,” tail several times normal size, back arched, Halloween cat mode. He walks or gallops sideways, sort of like a turkey gobbler strutting. And what does Caddee do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So Caddeaux gallops off to recover somewhere.

Brad True’s son, Glenn, closed on a house on March 31 and immediately started moving. Mary said the first thing he moved was his boat.

On Saturday, he and Brad were on the phone when Brad said he was sorry he didn’t live closer so he could help with the move.

Glenn came back with, “Dad, I don’t have time to take that many breaks.” Like me and the car door, Brad eventually saw the humor in that and agreed. KL

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