Taberville Report

Dain’s Fish Farm

I’ve been selling bullheads, nightcrawlers and perch. We had a few live shad yesterday (Friday) and they sold immediately.

With the river still up, I know people are setting lines in the backwater. I don’t know how that is working for people.  The river has gone down a little bit but it is still up in the parking lot.  I haven’t seen very many trailer parked down there.

What I’ve sold today (Saturday) so far has been crappie minnows. It’s been people I real don’t see on a regular basis. The regulars have not been buying bait.

An Amish gentleman came in and bought all the topwater baits. They were going to fish down my Warsaw for white bass. They didn’t buy popping bugs/ They bought swim baits.


By  Ryan Finch

Caplinger Woods

It’s too hot on Saturday afternoon. No body is  fishing.

Lake Stockton Report

By Mary Fidler

Stockton State Park Marina

There’s not very many people fishing today (Saturday).

A guy was fishing Thursday night with minnows. He said they were running small but he caught five keepers out of every 15.