Aug. 16

Editor’s note: The Fishing report is almost non-existent this week.

At Caplingr Woods they said fishing is slow. They sold some minnows, worms and crappie jigs.

Joey Fidler at Stockton State Park Marina said they rented some boats Sunday to people who were going fishing, but nobody caught any. Joey didn’t know if it was the fish not biting or the fishermen not familiar with the lake.

Bobby Dains, Taberville, has been out of town and just got home Monday. He didn’t have any information about fishing. He said the river came up about three feet and has gone back down  to where you can fish again.

Fishing Report Aug. 23

Fishing is tough for all of our fishing reporters except in the Osage River. I checked with all of our regular reporters on Saturday.

Caplinger Mills

By DannyFinch

Caplnger Woods

Same as it was last week. There’s nobody fishing. It’s hot. I haven’ seen anybody down there all day.

Lake Stockton Report

Robert Starbuck

Stockton State Park Marina

There’s nothing biting.

Taberville Report

By Bobby Dains

Dains Fish Farm

Fishhing has been pretty good this week. They caught a lot of fish.  I sold a lot of shad, bullheads, perch.

Are they fishing with the shad whole or cutting them up?

Mostly cutting them up, I believe. They are catching over the slot. Three people in a boat will catching their limit with two over the slot.

You heard about that tournament they had last weeks? The top five fish weighed 164 lbs. That was a rod and reel tournament.

The second place had 150 lbs. with a 54 lb. fish.

The third place had 120 lbs. So everybody caught fish.

That was a night tournament out of Taberville on Saturday. They used perch, shad, carp and bullheads. This was all rod and reel.

I saw some trotline fish that would have done better than that just yesterday (Friday).

The river is going to change, I think. I’m pretty sure everybody got a lot of rain.  If it went all the way around the watershed, the river will raise a lot. I’d say they will pull lines or have o buy new lines.

Like I say, it’s Missouri and the river and it changes quite often.

I look for it to be really good again whenever that river gets right. And it might be really good today (Saturday). I don’t know.  When they caught all those fish Saturday, several guys got wind of it. They went out Sunday and they couldn’t hardly catch a fish.

It depends on where you’re fishing – if you’re upriver or down river, it makes a difference. Those guys way upriver, they are going to catch fish first.  Any time now, they will start slaying them up around Pattonville, where the rivers fork, then as the river settles down, it will get real good here. When they caught all those fish Saturday (a week ago). It wasn’t any good down at Osceola. Most of the fish were caught right around here, right around the bridge.