Taberville Report
by Bobby Dains
Dains Fish Farm
The cooler weather made it so fishermen could tolerate the heat to fish. The river has a little current. The fishing never did go south.
I’ve got people buying fish bait and stuff. These guys here caught two blues that were over 40 on lines . Some people catch more on rod and reel than others do on lines. The fishing is good right now so you have to allow a little bit for that.
I think you could go over to Schelll and catch fish off the bank right now with nightcrawlers, perch, shad, bullheads, worms,, minnows – whatever you are fishing for.

Caplinger Mills Report
by Ryan Finch
Capllinger Woods
How was fishing off the bridge this weekend?
They caught crappie, white bass, smallmouth. There’s been a lot of shad.

Lake Stockton Report
by Matt Coyle
Stockton State Park Marina
They are catching a lot of white bass and a lot of walleye.
They are catching the walleye on bottom bouncers tipped with nightcrawlers and the white bass on chrome crankbaits.