The Cedar County Commission met June 22, 2020. Present were: Marlon Collins, Presiding Commissioner; Don Boultinghouse, Northern Commissioner; Robert Foster, Southern Commissioner; Heather York, County Clerk.

Met with Chad Pyle, Assessor

Requests to process court order 25561-25583, to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.

Met with Clint Moore – US Army Corps of Engineers

Stopped in to discuss a road question on CR2325 south of CR2000.

Met with entities contacted to discuss Phase 1 of the Covid-19 Application process for government subdivisions.  Marlon read aloud through the application instructions, explaining what is being requested and that all entities will have the same form but certain questions may not pertain to every entity.

Met with Jeff Banderet and Aspen Williams – Great River Engineering

Reviewed soft match reimbursement requests, waiting on Ash Grove rock tickets.

Discussed current status of BRO project.

Met with Sheriff James McCrary

Weekly Report of Inmate Housing: 54

Submitted some quotes for COVID-19, commission approved to order.

Met with DJ Ford, Road & Bridge Supervisor

Discussed washouts on CR450 and CR724.  Discussed BRO project on CR1620, and soft match on CR480.

Met with Benny Bough, Independence Special Road District Commissioner

Discussed a culvert that keeps washing over CR825.

Business owner stopped in to ask if there might be assistance in trying to get a play ground expanded.  Commission referred him to Kaysinger Basin as they offer grants for play grounds.

Resident stopped in to discuss CR1051.

Commission reviewed noxious weed letter issued by prosecutors office.

Bills were approved.

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