• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 1775 Rd Stockton.  Citation issued to Andrew Atkinson.

• Troop D reported dog locked in hot car at north shelter at State Park.  HBO

• Received call of a family situation at Orleans Trail Stockton.

• Disturbance on Locust Stockton.  Fireworks being shot off and upsetting animals.  HBO

• ADT Security reported alarm on E Hwy N Humansville.  Garage door slightly ajar.  Negative contact.  HBO

• Traffic stop on east side of Hwy N bridge.  Consent given to search, nothing found.  Citation given.

• Property damage reported on S 1025 Rd Stockton.  Mail box damaged.  HBD

• Officer out on follow up at Crabtree Cove Campground Stockton.

• ADT Security reported alarm on E Hwy N Humansville.  Officer knocked on all doors.  All doors and windows secure.

• MVA on Cedar/Polk County Line on 1550 Rd.  Tractor rolled over.  Transferred to MSHP.

• Traffic stop on Jackson and High Stockton.  Warning for turn signal.

• Property damage on E 1700 Rd Stockton.  Mail box damaged  HBD

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 one mile north on Hwy 39 Stockton.  Warning for failure to maintain lane.  Driver says he dropped his glasses.

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy N.  Officer unable to locate anyone.  Will try later.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 by Crabtree Cove Stockton.  Orlando Crumpton arrested for no operator license.  Subject has current warrants out of California but will not extradite.

• Officer out at Woodys Stockton for follow up.  Officer following subject to county line.

• Suspicious person at the Emporium Stockton.  Officer located subject at Park and Lake. No report.

• Suspicious vehicle on Hwy 54 and Park Eldo.  Clear, no report.

• Subject came to CCSO to report husband stole her phone and broke her finger.  Subject refused to file a complaint.  Officer located husband and phone.  Clear, no report.

• RP reported an assault at the lake.  Subject file a report at CCSO.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP called to report hitting a deer on Hwy 32 south of U.  HBD

• Traffic stop by Woodsy’s Stockton.  Warning given.

• RP reported tampering with shut off at the water meter.  Suspects identified.  Clear, report taken.

• Property damage on S 1225 Rd Stockton.  Mailbox was blown to pieces.  HBD

• Officer out on extra patrol at A&A Storage Stockton.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and Z Stockton.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 300 Rd Eldo.  Got consent to search, nothing found.  Warning for registration.

• Officer out on civil process on E Thompson  Eldo.  Subject no longer lives there.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and Church.  Warning given.

• RP stated landlord loaded her furniture and took off with it to Cedar County.  She contacted Polk County and they said CCSO had to handle it.  Officer advised RP that they would do an agency assist but that Polk County would have to request it.

• Suspicious vehicle on east side of Stockton Dam.  Vehicle unoccupied.

• RP complained many times about the fireworks around her home near the Post Office.  Officer contacted subjects and they are going to stop.

• Received call of someone below the dam shining a green laser light at motorists and almost causing accident.  Unfounded.

• C&I driver on Hwy 32 by dam entrance west bound.  Officer stopped motorist on Locust and South St Stockton.  Gave field sobriety check.  Subject stated he was just very tired.  Officer gave warning and told subject not to drive.

• Theft reported in Appleton City by the Chief of Police.  Inquired about Stockton resident thought to be involved in theft of ATV.  HBD

• Assault reported on Mill St Jerico.  Person thought to be intoxicated, is throwing things and children upset. HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy J and 32 Stockton.  Warning given.

• Central Station Alarm reported alarm on E 1800 Rd.  Dispatcher contacted owner.  Son had gone to residence and didn’t tell them.  All is fine.

• Traffic stop on Hwy J ad 1300 Rd Stockton.  Warning given.

• RP reported someone left fireworks on his property on Englewood Stockton.  Officer removed fireworks and spoke with the RP.

• Traffic stop on S 1851 and 1236 Rd.  Warning given.

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy N Humansville.  Check completed.  All is fine.  HBO

• Disturbance on N Main Fair Play.  Transferred to Polk County.

• ESPD reported a possible MVA Hwy 54 west of Eldo.  Officer unable to locate.

• Property damage on E 1674 Rd Stockton.  Mail box blown up.  HBD

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 Eldo.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop on Twyman Eldo.  Citation issued.

Ambulance calls: 3 stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: structure fire on S 1401 Rd Stockton, Vehicle fire on Hwy B east of Jerico, Structure fire on 1401 Rd and Hwy Z Stockton


• ADT Security reported alarm on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Stockton Dam.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop by Allison’s Eldo.  Warning.

• C&I driver on E 1400 Rd Stockton.  RZR driving up and down road at a high rate of speed with kids standing on the back.  GOA

• Traffic stop on Lafayette Eldo.  Warning

• C&I driver on Hwy 54 west of Eldo.  Transferred to Vernon County.

• Suspicious person on E 550 Rd Eldo.  RP claims lug nuts loosened on truck and items missing out of truck.  HBD

• Theft reported on Owens Mill Rd Stockton.  Credit card taken and used at multiple locations.  Suspect has active warrant out of Oklahoma.  HBO

• Officer transported inmate to walk in clinic in Stockton.

• MVA on S 331 Rd Eldo.  No injuries.  Transferred to MSHP.

• Officer out on follow up on E 1800 Rd Jerico.  Negative contact.

• Traffic stop by Casey’s Eldo.  Tyler Pate arrested.  Vehicle towed.

• Traffic stop at Fields and Park Eldo.  Warning for registration.

• Officer reported suspicious vehicle at Eldo School.

• Officer out on follow up on S Park Eldo.  Negative contact.

• Officer out on civil process on Fields Blvd Eldo.  Subject was seen walking around and papers were served.

• Polk County requested agency assit on E 1000 Rd Stockton.  Polk wants property returned or charges will be pressed.  Negative contact as heavy log chain across gate.  Polk notified.

• Traffic stop on Forrest St Eldo.  Consent to search denied.  Plates seized.

• Officer out on civil process on E 1750 Rd.  Papers served.

• Cattle out on North St and 1120 Rd Stockton.  Contacted owner.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 1625 Rd.  warning.

• MVA reported on Hwy 32 and 950 Stockton.  Truck went through a fence and hit a bull.  Vehicle towed.  Transferred to MSHP.

• ADT reported alarm going off at Farm and Home Stockton.  Officer checked, building secure.

• Disturbance on W Chestnut Stockton.  GOA

• Disturbance on Hwy 39 Stockton.  Female forced her way into residence and refuses to leave.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop of motorcycle on North and Craig St Stockton.  Warning no helmet.

• MVA 800 Rd near Hwy 32 Eldo.  Hit a tree and barbed wire.  Transferred to MSHP.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 and 1st Eldo.  Warning

• Abandoned vehicle on E 200 Rd Eldo.  Child’s bike in ditch and no one around.  HBO

• MVA on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  No injury.  Vehicle towed.  HBO

• Theft reported at Don’s Appliance Stockton.  Purchased vehicle and now believes that it might be stolen.  Confirmed by Camden County.  Clear report taken.

• Investigation on Hwy B Jerico.  Searching for suspect.  Ongoing.

• Harassment on Hwy N.  Threats made to burn down place and kill them.  Report taken for terrorist threats.

• Received call that residents moved and left dogs and horses unattended on S 825 Rd Stockton.  RP has been feeding animals but wants officer out there.  HBO

• Property damage on Hwy 39 and J Stockton.  Road signs have been knocked down.  Report taken.

• Abandoned vehicle on 151 Rd and Hwy BB Eldo.  Clear, no report.  Smells like it overheated.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 82 north of 02 Rd.  No action.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Welfare check request on Oak and Church Stockton.  RP claims child has been locked out of house and it screams.  Parents say door was not locked.

• Disturbance on RB Stockton.   Fireworks.  No report.

• ESPD requested assistance on Hwy 82 near H.  HBO

• Traffic stop by Sonic Stockton.  Warning for equipment.

• Cow out on road at 2425 Rd and Hwy A.  GOA

• Welfare check requested on S Main Jerico.  Subject seemed fine but was frustrated on phone earlier.  HBO

• Received a call regarding possible cyber crimes.  CCSO will report it.

• Someone reported people in and out of residence on S 1541 Rd Stockton and the owners are out of state.  Extra patrol requested.  HBO

• MVA on Airport Rd Eldo.  Truck in creek, brick on gas pedal and a dead deer in back.  Transferred to MSHP.

• Suspicious vehicle on E 150 Rd Eldo.  White ext cab diesel truck driving up and down road and stopping in middle of road.  Throwing beer cans off the bridge.  GOA

• Officer out on building check on E Carmen Eldo.  Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 east of Forest Eldo.  Warning for equipment.

• Officer received call for a lift assist on Golden Jerico.  Clear, no report.

• C&I driver on Hwy 54 and HH Eldo.  Vehicle unable to maintain lane and speeding.  GOA

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Disturbance.  People shooting fireworks on Vine and Locust Stockton.  GOA

• Trespassers by conservation office above the dam.  Group camping where they shouldn’t be and asked to leave.  HBO

• C&I driver near Dollar General parking lot Stockton.  Vehicle did a donut in lot and sped off heading west on Hwy 32.  GOA

• C&I driver on Hwy 39 and 1100 Stockton.  Pickup speeding.  GOA

• Disturbance on S 2397 Humansville.  UTV sped by RP’s house and 12 people were hanging out of it.  GOA

• Disorderly conduct reported on West St Stockton.  Subject was applying for a job at café and when told he wasn’t going to be hired, subject got belligerent and then went outside and was flagging down cars pulling in. GOA

• Cattle out on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy B and 801 Jerico.  Warning for speeding.

• Officer out on agency assist near middle school Stockton.  Transferred to MSHP.

• C&I driver at Orleans Trail Marina.  Reckless operation of boat; yelling, screaming and speeding in wake zones, possibly intoxicated.  Subject located at cabin and is irate.  Is going to demand refund of cabin and slip.  HBO

• Abandoned vehicle on S 3925 Rd Eldo.  Subject parked equipment at entrance to field and owner cannot get in.  HBO

• RP claimed he’d been shot at with fireworks on the rock beach.  Subject said he just lit it and did not aim it at anyone.  HBO

• Dispute over recovering property on S 425 Rd Eldo.   HBO

• RP stated she’d been bit by a dog as she was running on E 150 Rd Eldo.  Runner to urgent care and dog to vet for quarantine.  Clear, report taken.

• Trespasser on 1675 and 1300 Rd Stockton.  Trespasser has an active warrant but is not extraditable.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Officer called information from the Woods parking lot Stockton.  No report.

• Officer reported suspicious vehicle on Hwy B and 725. Driver was lost and needed directions.

• RP stated there were fireworks being shot off in road on Blake and Hillcrest Stockton.  There was a fire in the road.  Subjects put it out with a hose.  Fire Department dispatched and cancelled.  HBO

• Vernon County reported cow in the road on Hwy 32 and A Bear Creek. GOA

• Teenagers reported shooting fireworks in Stockton park bathroom.  GOA

• Disorderly male at Cedar Ridge Campground.  Possibly intoxicated and yelling at people at campground.  Contacted Dade County, MSHP and Rangers.

• RP reported 7 males, possibly intoxicated hit his truck and broke mirror at Caplinger Mills.  GOA

• Spouse behaving verbally abusive and refusing to leave on E 1250 Rd Stockton.  HBO

• Officer out on scene at Hwy 39 and 1674 Stockton.

• RP stated suspicious vehicle pulled into his driveway and when he went to investigate the vehicle pulled out and sped away and was later seen behind some trees  on Hwy 39 south of 17627 Stockton.  GOA

• RP states disorderly conduct at Rock Beach Stockton.  Alvin Dunn arrested for no operator’s license.

• Traffic stop on West St Stockton.  No report.

• Traffic stop Hwy J and 1625 Rd Stockton.  Motorcycle being pushed and someone is on way to pick up.

• Traffic stop by Sundae’s Stockton.  Warning for registration.

• Officer out on warrant service on Twyman Eldo.  Paul Coleman arrested.

• Officer out on follow up on S 1541 Rd Stockton.

• RP advise 6 males assaulted male on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Victim is bleeding from eyes, ears and eye swollen shut.  Suspects have been identified.  Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 and E Eldo.  Warning for speeding.

Ambulance calls: 8 Stockton

Fire calls: none

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