• Received a call stating subject had committed suicide on S 5th Stockton. Brumback’s notified.
• Federal Protection reported an alarm at the front door of the Stockton School. Cancelled.
• RP stated that a male is on his way to pick up items at his place and that male is not allowed on his property at S 425 Rd Eldo. RP has been advised to call the CCSO if subject returns and won’t leave.
• Received call of a car in the ditch and still running and no one around at Orleans Trail south Stockton. Parents showed up and got car out of ditch to take it for repairs. HBO
• Officer out on extra patrol at apartments on Hwy 32 by Ewing Concrete Stockton.
• Received 2nd call that music being played at Orleans Trail Loop A Stockton is too loud. HBO
• Officer out to meet Dade County at the county line to pick up prisoner. Jerald Lake has been arrested on active warrants.
• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 1625 Rd. warning
• Officer reported suspicious person on Hwy 32 and 4th St Stockton. Officer gave subject a ride home.
• Loud music at Orleans Trail Loop A Stockton. Owner of equipment agreed to turn it down. HBO
Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 3 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 at East Dam entrance. Warning
• C&I driver all over the road on Hwy 32 heading toward Eldo. GOA
• RP reported male and female having verbal incident at Airport Vlg Stockton. HBO
• Cattle in road on 1425 and 400. Unfounded.
• Officer out on welfare check on Hwy B Jerico. Nothing located.
• RP came into CCSO to file statement of violation of ex parte on E Thompson Eldo. Clear.
• RP reported truck stolen on E Hwy A Stockton. Truck had cracked windshield, broken tail light. Clear, report taken.
• Theft reported on E Hwy CC Stockton. 5th wheel camper taken, remodeling tools, trampoline. HBO
• Cow in road on Hwy K and 1125 Rd Stockton. GOA
• Bull out by Cedar Creek Bridge Hwy K. Transferred to other agency.
• Used hypodermic needle found in Methodist Church parking lot Stockton. HBO
Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 1 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Received report that a tree had fallen and is completely covering 1000 Rd 1⁄2 mile ease of Hwy J Stockton. Road and bridge contacted. HBD
• Suspicious vehicle on S High Stockton. Residence is unoccupied. Vehicle is tagged to be towed. Residence doors and windows secure.
• RP stated son is tearing up stuff in the house and throwing stuff outside on S Hwy J Stockton. RP was told if son returned to call back.
• Received a call of concern for children riding around in a S10 truck in Stockton, no report.
• Suspicious vehicle on South St Stockton. Two kids and a dog in vehicle. RP stated a male got in vehicle and drove off. HBD
• Received a call that several MODOT signs have been stolen on multiple highways. HBO
• Officer out on follow up from call yesterday.
• RP reported neighbor’s dogs attacked husband and their dogs on W Pages Jerico. HBO
• Traffic stop on Stockton square.
Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 1 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• MSHP requested assistance at Englewood and 3rd Stockton. Transported subject to CCSO.
• Simpli Safe reported alarm on S High ST Stockton. Building is secure.
• RP stated her husband was acting like he wanted to commit suicide on Lucinda Ln STockton. HBO
• Suspicious person on E Lee Hopkins Stockton. They heard someone in the garage last night and just heard the front door open. RP wants officer to check it out.
• Traffic stop at the Christian Church Stockton. Citation issued to Kolton Pyle.
• C&I driver east bound toward Stockton on Hwy 32 and 97. Officer did not see any erratic behavior.
• RP stated some teenagers are threatening to kill her son on S Jordan in Jerico. HBO
• MVA reported on Hwy 32 and Masters Bear Creek. Fire truck cleared, medic cancelled. Clear, report taken.
• Officer out on civil process on S 1801 Rd Stockton.
• RP reported 15 dogs attacking his cattle on E 725 Rd. He contacted owner.
• Received a call of a dispute about a repair job on a boat at Steve’s Lil Boat Shop. This is a civil matter.
• Officer requested assistance at Brian’s Tire Shop Stockton. HBO
• Received a 911 hangup from S 1801 Rd Stockton. HBO
• Received an anonymous call wanting to pass information along to CCSO. HBD
• MVA s of Woods Eldo. Vehicle in ditch, occupant in seat unconscious. Advised MSHP. Code 4.
• Suspicious vehicle at Vine and Elm Stockton. No report.
• RP stated she found a wounded dog in her yard on E Hwy Z Stockton. Dog appears to have been shot. HBO
Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 6 Eldo
Fire calls; none
• Traffic stop at Casey’s Stockton. Warning
• RP stated her meds were taken out of her vehicle while at church at Faith Baptist Church Stockton. Filed statement at CCSO. HBD
• Traffic stop by Amvets Stockton. Warning
• RP states she was riding her bike on S 331 Rd Eldo. The resident’s dog started chasing her and she fell and the owners laughed. Officer contacted owners and dog didn’t seem aggressive. HBO
• RP requested welfare check at Cedar Ridge Stockton. Residence was filthy and illegal substances out in plain view. HBO
• Simpli Safe reported alarm on S 32. False
• RP stated he heard noise in the barn on the 13th and did not investigate. Now he’s noticing it. Filed report.
• RP stated neighbor’s pit bull attacked her dog and other neighbor’s dog at Airport Vlg Stockton. Did not want to file charges. HBO
• MVA occurred at McDonald’s Eldo. Non injury. Transferred to ESPD.
• RP stated carpenter is dismantling his jacuzzi and deck. Tried to tell him he was at the wrong house. They need to get a survey done. HBO
• Deceased male discovered by sister at E Hwy B Stockton. Brumback, coroner notified
• RP stated neighbor’s dog chasing her cat on E Broadway Jerico . Per owner he was chasing his dog. Code 4
Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton; 1 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• DFS requested assistance. Code 4
• Suspicious people sitting in grass by her apartment and she feels unsafe at Park View apartments. GOA
• Abandoned vehicle been parking lot for over 2 days on E Hwy 32 Stockton. Has a couch on top. Vehicle tagged to be towed.
• Wood chipper stolen on S 1225 Rd and Hwy Z Stockton. Owner to come into CCSO to file statement.
• Welfare check requested on E 1656 Rd Stockton. Code 4
• Vernon County reported receiving call of an out of control male on N Terrace Ln Stockton. HBO
• Subject is being evicted from N&K Tire and is taking more than his items. HBO
• Received a call on Orchard St Stockton. Claim made of male stealing money etc. HBO
• RP reported a theft on E Hwy Z Stockton. RP believes they know who did it. They will get a list together and bring it by CCSO. Report taken.
• Dade County reported 3 missing. Requested we look around the area on E Hwy 32 Stockton. Officer spoke to residents there, they know of these 3 but have not seen them. HBO
• MVA reported on Hwy B Jerico. There is an severe injury to female’s leg and head. She’s in and out of conscience. One occupant in creek, no water. Vehicle is smoking. Transferred to other agency.
• RP reported strange man walked into his house and is laying on his couch and he has no idea who he is and wants him removed on Blair Dr Stockton. Subject transported to CCSO and requested Pathways be contacted for him. HBO
• Welfare check requested on E Hwy 54 Eldo. No contact for over 3 weeks. Officer made contact. Code 4. Phone has been down.
• Received call from family member in Barton County. Male is known to stalk and harass and subject on S 1001 Rd Eldo is scared. HBO
• Received call of alarm going off on S Hwy M Stockton. Code 4
• Suspicious vehicle at Sawyer Tire Stockton. Driver tested and released. Warning
• Traffic stop at Woods Stockton. Warning
• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and Z. Warning
• Officer called in information on previous case.
Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 3 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• RP stated that the land manager spun out throwing rocks at him and his daughter onn S Hwy 39 Stockton. Clear, report taken,
• Death reported on E 1674 Stockton. Coroner, Brumback’s notified. Report taken.
• Received call that a calf was in the road on north Hwy 39 Stockton. GOA
• RP stated that his landlord is trying to illegally evict him on Terrace Ln Stockton. HBO
• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and 1425 Rd Stockton. Citation issued to Amanda Milton for speeding.
• Assault occurred on E Hwy 32 Stockton. A male broke into apartment and held a gun on the resident. DFS contacted. HBO
• Theft reported on S 1325 Rd. It appeared someone had been in house while resident was gone. Unfounded.
• Received call that a juvenile had run away on E Hwy N Humansville. Juvenile located.
• Traffic stop on Davis and North St Stockton. Warning
• RP called stating her vehicle had been stolen and a female told her that it was seen at the empty house behind Casey’s Stockton.
• RP stated that the parking lot at the Christian Church Stockton was full of cars. Inquired with Pastor if something was going on and he said no. HBO
Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 4 Eldo
Fire calls: none

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