I frequently get facebook emails from Derrill Price III, son of my good friend Derrill Price II who never met him because he was killed in Vietnam. I open them because they are usually funny. A recent one said the lady at the cash register said she was checking her balance so he gave her a shove. Oh boy.

– Adrian, Cain and Van have big news. They broke it to us with an email photo a few weeks ago on a Sunday. Van was on Cain’s shoulders with Adrian reaching up to steady him. That’s all I could see on my little handy to carry flip phone.

Kimball asked me on Monday what I saw in the photo. “Cute family photo” was all I could say. She asked if I saw Van’s T-shirt. Nope.

So she showed it to me on her bigger computer screen. The shirt said, “Big Brother.”

I’ve been under the usual gag order until today. Due date is Sept. 8. And she just found out it’s going to be a little brother for Van. They are trying out some names but nothing definite yet. Clothes shouldn’t be a problem.

– No sarvis (AKA service berries) yet. I checked the Camp Galilee property along Lake Hill Road as I came to work Monday. Any day now.

– I hope you remembered to vote Tuesday. Because of our new printing schedule, we go to press Monday night. We intend to have the complete but unofficial returns next week. However, with Davis’ help I think I may be able to put at least some of the returns in the What’s Happening section on our web page Tuesday night at www.eldoradospringsmo.com Please take a look to see if we were successful.

-And, Kimball and Davis publish a program on their computer TV station every Friday. Here’s how you find it: On your browser, search for citylinktv in the search box on the right side of the screen. Then when it comes up, go to city link tv on the left. When it comes up, don’t click on Blue Frame. Scroll down through the states to Missouri. Go to Eldorado springs sun (sic) and pick the date of the program you want to see. The March 12 program will introduce you to Madeline REESE Long.

– Our friend, Jeff Morrison, who went to school with Kimball and worked and fished with me, and his wife, Carol, had a baby on April 1 several years ago. I said they should name her after her dad, April Fool Morrison. No takers. Jeff was in our wedding.

– Mary heard this on TV and wasn’t sure if it was fact or a joke, but it made her advise everyone to check their emails before they hit send to see if the computer did an auto-correct like the one that allegedly caused a murder. A guy had been out of the country for two years and the neighbor intended his email to thank him for the use of his wi-fi while he was away.  KL

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