Tuesday, May 5, was Cinco de Mayo which we know was Caddeaux’s birthday in 2010, and unusual for a cat, we know the names of his momma and daddy. I say, “know”, at least we were told but I don’t remember them.

Once we were down in Springfield at Jan’s Cattery (is that better than calling it a cat house?) when Caddeaux was a kitten and I went by a cage with a big gruff looking blue American Exotic male in it. I was afraid to try to pet him through the mesh in the wire. I suspect he was Caddeaux’s daddy because now he looks just like him down to the point of looking gruff, which he is definitely not.

That might have been shortly after my sister’s black cat, which was friendly at her house, came down to our house and I picked him up and petted him until without warning he chomped down on my left index finger to the bone,  I refrained from retaliating because I needed to know if he was rabid. Margaret put him up to see what happened.

In a few days, I had two red streaks running from my hand up toward my shoulder. On a Wednesday, I saw one of the ambulance attendants, Dwight Kinnet, at the Senior Center as I delivered papers and he told me in no uncertain terms that it was blood poisoning and to get to the doctor NOW. In about 30 minutes I was sitting in Rod White’s office and he pumped me full of some kind of antibiotics.  It worked.

Dwight told me later he thought I would have to be hospitalized.

I read later that 80% of cats carry the virus or whatever it is for blood poisoning. And that is why I don’t try to pet even friendly kitties. I just speak kindly to them.

– Kimball and I have started watching “Songland” on Monday evening, or recording it while we are at work, and really enjoy it. They have four aspiring songwriters pitch their song to a celebrity artist and three “pros.” The celebrity picks three of them to go to the studio each with one of the pros to “fine tune” the song. We are just blown away by the improvements.

And we’ve been watching “Drain the Oceans” where scientists use technology to discover what sent everything from ferries to battleships to the bottom  some as deep as three miles.

You can see God’s hand in a lot of this. A ferry was going to carry “heavy water” from Norway to Nazi Germany for Hitler to use to build an atomic bomb. Somehow, England found out about it and managed to sneak onto the ferry and place a bomb timed to detonate when it was over the deepest part of the lake in Norway (over 1,500 meters) too deep for divers to recover the barrels of heavy water. Allied bombers targeted the factory to keep them from making any more.

The ship that carried the parts to the first atomic bomb used on Japan made a mad dash from the U.S. to Hawaii. As it returned to the U.S., a German sub sank it.

– I am thankful that the virus hasn’t come to Cedar County except for some cases in Stockton that came out of Bolivar and Dr. Casey. I’ve talked to nurses at the Clinic to see what they think kept anyone else from getting Covid 19 from Dr. Casey and why he was able to come back to work to soon and no one else at the Clinic got it.

One nurse told me his secret may be “orneriness.” She said maybe he is like a cat and has nine lives. She said he has used up his nine lives.

One thing is for sure, Dr. Casey had everyone worried at the Clinic and all over town and had everyone’s best wishes and prayers. Maybe it’s some more of God’s handiwork. I’m not sure how God works. I’m just sure that He does.

-My sister just sent me this one: HOW I LEARNED TO MIND MY OWN BUSINESS

I was walking past the mental hospital the other day and all the patients were shouting, “13…13…13.” The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks, so I looked through to see what was going on… Some patient idiot poked me in the eye with a stick. Then they all started shouting “14…14…14.” KL