I am sorry to hear about the death of Randy K Bland, owner of Bland-Hackleman Funeral Home.  Jeanne Hoagland said he was quite an athlete, fleet of foot.

Maybe that explains the part in his obituary where he played softball with his kids and hit a triple, then thought about trying to turn it into an inside the park home run.

His son was prepared to tackle him if he tried. The next batter got a hit, scoring Randy and winning the game.

When I went to pick up an  obituary, Donna Hicks passed along the family’s request for prayers Monday evening which I put in the What’s Happening section on the front of our web page. I called back Tuesday afternoon to see how the surgery went. Donna said the when the team showed up Tuesday morning to get him to remove his leg, he told them he wanted to go home

– Davis and his extended family returned Saturday from a week on Gulf Shores in Alabama. I was concerned about them the whole time because of the hurricanes in the Gulf. Unfortunately I was right. Davis didn’t like the waves hitting the shore.  Reese just didn’t like the ocean.

– I started getting sick on Thursday and thought maybe I caught the virus at the Picnic even though I wasn’t close to anybody.  I finally called Dr. Casey’s office late Friday after he had got home and talked to Judy Carver. No, 1 1⁄2 degrees wasn’t enough temperature for Covid but I still felt rough. I didn’t have an appetite but Kimball coaxed some food down me. I didn’t have any of the other symptoms.

I didn’t feel like going to church.  Davis and

Reese went Sunday. She liked the reception she got there a lot better than the ocean. I asked if anyone told her they knew her daddy when he was that age. Guess not.

Out pastor, Bro. Howard Hamilton, did tell her she was a chunk, Kimball said.  At 17 months, it could run in the family. Can’t wait to see her, Van and Snider get together. Ben, at nearly 11 years older will just have to referee, I guess. KL

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