Adrian was in town this past weekend. She drove in from St. Francisville on Friday, spent Saturday morning visiting with me and checking out some of El Dorado Springs’ newest establishments and then on to Springfield to be with her Dad. She left early Sunday morning to make the trip back to Louisiana.

  As usual JackCat made a beeline for some secret hidey-hole as soon as he figured out there was someone strange in the house. I must clarify – Adrian is strange only to Jack.

  Davis went to Springfield on Sunday to check on Kenny and make sure that the TV was tuned in to the Chief’s Game. As you know, Davis and I are Saints fans except in the case of the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl. (Of course, if the Chiefs were going to the Super Bowl to play the Saints, that might be a problem, but we could be really happy either way.) I need some good Game Day recipes – you know stuff you wouldn’t normally eat. Anybody want to share?

  Valentine’s Day is about two weeks away. I mention this because it takes some people by surprise and I’m trying to help people get over the shocking realization that it is Feb. 13 and Valentine’s Day is February 14. Do it now; get a card, order flowers – you can go ahead and buy chocolates, just don’t leave them in the car or a sunny window – take your sweetie out to dinner. And think about sending Valentine’s greetings to someone you know might be away from family.

  In the vein of “doing things now,” Davis and I were trying to hatch the perfect way to get an interview with WWII Vet Glenn Tuder. We planned to interview him for Veterans Day 2020, but he was in Community Springs and a face- to- face interview was out of the question. I got a death notice for him today. If you have an older relative or friend that is a veteran, go ahead and interview them yourself. Preserve their stories for you and your children.

  I got a Christmas card today from my college roommate who now lives in Annandale, VA. It was postmarked Dec. 11.

  The front page story  – an interview with Dr. Wyant – goes right along with the interview we have with him for Hawaiian shirt Thursday, Jan 28, on Spring City TV. Tune in. Find us on Facebook – El Dorado Springs Sun newspaper.    KSL

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