Friday Kenny and I were going to get our covid boosters when by mid-morning Kenny felt that he should go to the hospital. When I called to check on him, I was told that he was just about to go to his room AND he had tested positive for Covid.

I guess it is a good thing that he’s already had two covid shots. I don’t go any where I don’t have to. That means work, home and driving in my Jeep. I do have a mask. However, I am of the opinion that it probably doesn’t matter what I do. But I’ll try to be careful.

The Christmas Parade was this past Saturday and my unofficial polling tells me that is was it was a success. Since we didn’t even have a Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade last year, I was good to see kids on the street and listen to the Bulldog Band, the Kilties of Central High School in Springfield, Osceola High School Band and the Pierce City Band.

Get ready for Black Friday – if you want to. I’ve never been a BBFS (Big Black Friday Shopper). I usually know what I want to get and how to get it quick by October. That used to be August, but 2021 has almost been harder than 2020 in terms of getting everything going in the right direction.

I hope you have a very pleasant Thanksgiving. One of my favorite memories is of Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandmother’s. She would give me a can of black olives and my brother a jar of green olives and we could eat everyone if we wanted – just don’t bother the dishes of olives for the rest of the table.

Ross and I were the only grandkids for quite a while. So, dinners at grandmaw’s were spent listening to “old” people, eating olives and trying to stay out of trouble. We were better at eating olives and staying out of trouble than listening. Unless we were listening to Maba or Uncle Bill.                     KSL