OK I’ve had enough. When the nurse in Bolivar gave me my first covid shot, I didn’t feel it during or after the shot. When Jennifer Mays gave me my second shot at our  front counter, didn’t feel it.

Got covid anyway. Kimball didn’t. Got the bill  for my hospital stay. Felt that.

When the Police Chief’s wife shot me with a booster last Thursday. Kinda felt it. Over the weekend, my shoulder itched and burned. Monday, it’s over it. Maybe that’s a good sign. As he was releasing me on his and my birthday, Dr. Wyant said the shots probably saved my life.

I called Jeanne Hoagland. The doctor recommended the booster shot even though I’d had covid. We’ll see if this booster works.

I just finished reading John Beydler’s book on Jerico Springs and wrote a review. Dr. Bill Neale’s family was mentioned prominently.

I called Dr. Neale and confirmed that he was familiar with the book He thought it was interesting reading.

The book mentioned that El Dorado Springs had a train.

Maybe the wheat harvest is what kept the train here. I rode to town with Mom with pickup loads of wheat while Dad kept the combine running. There was always quite a line of pickups and trucks at the elevator.

Dad worked at the elevator when he was a young man. They had a box car on the track that they started rolling by jerking on a chain with an old Oliver tractor they kept on site. One of their sources of fun was to get a new guy on top of the box car, get it to rolling toward Main Street, get the new guy confused so that he turned the brake wheel the wrong direction, which would let the box car lumber across Main Street onto Twyman. Then they would have to wait until the diesel train engine was back in town in a week or so to pull the box car back into place west of Main Street and alongside the elevator. Some old timers probably remember those episodes. George Barker was the boss. Bill Jackson, JT’s dad, was No. 2. They had to watch JT or he would run a wheeler into workers’ ankles. So JT has always been onery. KL