I was looking through previous issues of the Rock Wall when I ran across the one where I told Mark Koca, then superintendent at Humansville, about the upcoming vacancy in our leadership position and told him he should throw his hat in the ring. He said he might do that. I wrote then that when he did that successfully, called and told him the superintendent search had come to a logical conclusion.
The computer search was necessary because our high school student, who just graduated Sunday, did something the “experts” couldn’t do: He found and installed a free replacement for Microsoft Word in my computer. My password wouldn’t work. A protégé of our long time computer tech got my computer running again after the hard drive died. But he didn’t know what to do about MS Word other than resubscribe. I limped along for several weeks. I asked Brent Hillsman since he just retired from taking care of the school’s computers. But he couldn’t find a program, that would work for me.
A high school senior who was going to graduate this past Sunday has been helping Kimball and Davis produce their TV show, Spring City TV. He didn’t think it would be too hard to find a program that would work. By the next evening he had it. He installed it in my computer. And it works. Free.
For some reason, it took me awhile to learn his name: Elliott Carpenter. No relation to Jerry.
He graduated Sunday and is headed to Warrensburg. I think he wants to learn to make video games. Davis said he is a big help with Spring City TV and Elliott thinks is fun. Best of luck at CMSU. I know he simplified my life on my Mac and he is primarily a PC guy.
Kimball whupped up a delicious birthday dinner Sunday for my sister. Margaret, a little late for March 21, and for our son Davis, a day early for May 16. I think it was the first time our grandson, Nash, has been to our house. Granddaughter, Reese, was there but was quiet, for her. Big brother, Ben, was quiet and reserved. Erica was busy feeding the kids.
We didn’t cut the cake Kimball had baked. We sent it home with Tom and Margaret.
Davis made sure he got his share of pitted black olives, as usual.
As we were leaving Lions Club Park the other day after eating lunch in our vehicle, I noticed that someone had installed the top on the Centennial covered wagon I asked Kimball who did it. She said it was Rocky Koger.
Good job. Looks good. KL

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