Picnic over..
There were a few rides parked on Broadway as we came to work Monday, but Main Street was clear.
Reese, at three years old, has already got the hang of the Picnic. She saw a ride outside our front window at the newspaper with enclosures that she called a room. She kept talking about it so Kimball and Davis. (Grandma and Daddy), finally took her out there and she got to ride the “Pink Room.”
Then Davis took her down to ride the wild horses on the Merry-Go-Round.
Nothing beats watching your own grandchild or child experience the excitement of a Picnic ride.
Wait until she tries the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Ferris Wheel. By then Nash may want to try some of the more “tame” rides. Of course it may bolster his courage to have his big sister ride with him.
Let’s make that “older” sister, At barely knee high, Reese doesn’t qualify for “big-un” in stature but over makes up for it in her big personality and her voice when she is upset.
I remember faintly when some rides were too scary for me.
The last time I saw Shf. C. A. Larew he was standing in the doorway of the Sun office on the west side of Main Street watching the Saturday night Picnic crowd, I went over to him and asked the usual, “Can I shoot your gun?” Whatever he said, the answer was a good natured “No.”
Just about then a deputy came running up and summoned the sheriff to Broadway where a Picnic ride had jumped the tracks.
The next mourning when I stood up to teach the young folks class, Tina Smith asked if I had heard that C.A. Larew was hurt or killed last night.
When we left church, I called the sheriff’s dispatch and Bondena Neale answered. She told me the news that the sheriff was murdered the night before by a trap gun.
I saw something on the TV news this morning that just seemed wrong. A whale breached (jumped) and came down on about a 20 ft. cabin cruiser. The loser was definitely the boat. The whale was considerably bigger than the boat. KL