I hope ya’ll have taken the opportunity to see Spring City TV’s fourth annual Christmas Program. Last Wednesday I didn’t think we would have one, but by 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 22, after a couple of bad miracles and 5,000 electronic glitches we had all the parts. Davis suffered through unjustified harassment by a cohort of electronic demons before being able to post the program on Christmas Day. It will stay up until New Year’s Day.

We want to thank the El Dorado Springs Church of Nazarene, Daniel Flaten, Lou and Russell Ferguson, Ron Alumbaugh and Logan Friar.

You can find the program on Facebook at El Dorado Springs Sun – newspaper.

The other three programs are archived at the Sun office.

Christmas Eve and Day were quiet. Kenny took a little vaca in the hospital but was home before Santa even got in his sleigh.

I forgot to tell Kenny  that Erica, Gwen and I all stepped out of the office at the same time a week ago.

When we (Erica, Gwen and I) returned James Brackenridge and Tom Gough were running the show. I think they were even answering the phone. Living in a small town does have its rewards, where everybody knows enough about your business to run your business.

Kenny and I have lived here for 43 years. He was only gone from his home for about 15 years before deciding this was the place he was supposed to be.

2023 is just a few days away and we wish you the happiest of New Years.                        KSL

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