The Bulldog Band sent six events to the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Festival this past weekend. The weather was beautiful, unlike the torrential downpour we had last year.

MSHSAA had two major changes to the festival year.

The first was that all three days of the festival had equal number of participants. Our students performed on Saturday, and next year we will perform on Thursday. It made for a less crowded venue. It didn’t even feel like a State Festival.

The second, and biggest change, was the change in rating vocabulary. We went from receiving I, II, III, etc. to earning Gold, Silver and Bronze.

So, how did our students do?

Silver Ratings

Hunter Jacobs – Clarinet Solo

Paige Floyd – Timpani Solo

Caleb Alexander – Tenor Saxophone Solo

Trumpet Trio – Ethan Roberts, Cody Rutledge, and Alex Posey

Brass Quartet – Ethan Roberts, Alex Posey, Brock Kirbey and Tommy Higbie

Gold Ratings

Ethan Roberts – Trumpet Solo

These students worked incredibly hard this season. Every student performed better than they did at Districts and in my book, that’s a win everyday. I’m so proud of their work and excited for upcoming concert (May 6 at 3 p.m.)

Thank you all for your continued support.

STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE RESULTS – The Bulldog Band members deserve to toot their own horns – L to R: Alex Posey, Brock Kirbey, Ethan Roberts, Hunter Jacobs, Tommy Higbie, Caleb Alexander, Paige Floyd, Cody Rutledge.

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