El Dorado Christian School hosted their second annual Spring Showcase and Award Night on Thursday evening, April 5.  Students, grades 7th through 12th competed in the following categories; Science, Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Art, Photography and Cooking.  A Talent portion was included as part of the Showcase.   Students sang, played guitars, and piano; an amazing Kata (“Kata is a Japanese word describing detailed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs. Karate kata are executed as a specified series of a variety of moves, with stepping and turning, while attempting to maintain perfect form.”) titled, Shihan Shodan-Sho  was performed by 7th grader Hunter Malensek.  Hunter is very talented and has won many trophies in Shito Ryu Shukokai, Isshinryu and Kobudo-Nagamine Kobudo.  Watching him perform was amazing.  The art of Kata was fierce while at the same time, calming.

Many awards were presented to students, honoring them for their hard work. Quote from; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karate_kata.

Photography Awards;

Category-Animal/Portrait; 1st place, Jordanne Steuck, 2nd place, Hunter Malensek, and 3rd place, Olivia Bryson.

Category-Scenic; 1st place, Kiely Messick,  2nd, Lucia Rogers, 3rd, Abigail Batson.

Category-Other; 1st place, Drew Steuck, 2nd place, Josiah Batson, 3rd place, Noah Marsh.

Science Awards;

Category Model: 1st place, Landon Wilson; 2nd place, Olivia Bryson, 3rd place, Faith Shriver.

Category-Experimental: 1st place, Brenton LeeMasters, 2nd place, Isabelle Bryson; 3rd place, Rylee Bowman.

Cooking Awards:

Category-Desserts:  1st Colten Pike, 2nd, Jordanne Steuck and,  3rd, Isabelle Bryson.

Art Awards:

Category-Painting:  1st place, Lucia Rogers; 2nd place, Abigail Reasoner, and 3rd place, Abigail Batson.

Category-Drawing:  Jordanne Steuck won 1st and 2nd; Joelle Biron placed 3rd.

Category-other:  Drew Steuck took home 1st and 2nd place, Rylee Bowman won 3rd place.

Pre-Calculus: top award was won by senior, Caleb Jones.  (only gold was given)

Algebra II: Drew Steuck. (only gold was given)

Algebra I:  1st place Kiely Messick and 2nd place, Tyler Kay, and 3rd place, Jordanne Steuck.

Math: Rylee Bowman  (only gold was given).

ECS RENAISSANCE TOUR – Pictured in front of Republic High School, (l-r)- Josiah Batson, John Chamberlain, Tyler Kay, Abigail Reasoner, Kiely Messick, Joelle Biron, Jordanne Steuck, Lucia Rogers, and Isabelle Bryson on their Renaissance Tour from ECHS.

CO2 CARS RACE AT ECHS – ECHS Shop teacher, Mr. Travis Bryson handed each of his students  a 3” by 3” by 12” inch block of wood and said, “create a race car;” their initial reaction was blank stares and confusion, but after a few minutes, the “wheels started turning”.  The blocks of wood began to take shape and awesome creations raced to the starting line.  Mr. Travis Olson, an engineering instructor at El Dorado Springs High School, was extremely helpful with allowing ECHS to use a CO2 racetrack and timing system.  Because of Mr. Olson’s generosity, the Buffalo Stampede was underway.  With CO2 cartridges firing, the checkered flag waved.   Winning the Buffalo Speed Stampede was;  l to r; Colten Pike, 3rd; Kiely Messick, 2nd; and Landon Wilson, 1st.

COOL CO2 CARS – Just how cool were the CO2 cars?  The ECS student body was allowed to vote for their favorite by secret ballot.  Winners; l to r; 3rd place,  Abigail Batson, 1st place, Landon Wilson, and a tie for second place was, Mr. Bryson and daughter, Isabelle Bryson.

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