El Dorado Springs Middle School welcome back

I would like to welcome all EMS students, faculty and staff back for the 2020-21 school year. With last school year coming to an abrupt halt, it seems like it has been forever since our halls were filled with the laughter and joy that students provide. I have missed having the students and faculty together in our building and the daily satisfaction in watching the learning process take place. I have also missed the interaction with the students and staff and look forward to seeing you back in the building.

Our focus will be on providing each child with new challenges that will result in a rewarding school experience. Academic emphasis on the core content areas of reading, language arts, math, science and social studies will remain a priority as well as providing a learning program that builds on each year to reach local and state standards. Instruction in the fine arts, practical arts, technology and physical education complete our program providing each student with the opportunity to develop areas of interest and skill.

The El Dorado Springs Middle School offers a wide variety of quality programs to meet the needs of each student. We have a highly qualified faculty to serve the academic needs of our students and a support staff who is here to help provide a safe and caring environment for each individual who is a part of our school community.

Our curriculum is data driven and focuses on student achievement. We have high expectations for each student. We expect students to attend school regularly, put forth an effort in each classroom, and respect the rights of each individual in our school community. Our school community will help provide the framework for individual and school success.

I encourage parents and students to become actively involved in the school. There are several activities, clubs and athletic teams available to join. This is a great time to explore and grow. Students will discover new friends, new skills and new interests. I want your child to experience an exciting school year at EMS.

I am excited to get the new school year started. I would encourage all middle school students to use the last few days before school starts to take the time to set some personal goals for the upcoming school year. Set goals that will challenge you academically, socially and personally. I look forward to seeing you on Aug. 26.

Brad Stweard

Middle School Principal

R-II Middle School Staff

Mr. Brad Steward – 6th – 8th Principal

Mrs. Jennifer Ring – 6th Math

Mr. Tim Dade – 6th Science

Miss Emily Ford – 6th Social Studies

Mrs. Tiffany McGuirk – 6th English

Mr. Austin Gooden – 7th Science

Mrs. Jane Griffin – 7th English

Mr. Scott Steward – 7th Geography

Mrs. Amanda Obert – 7th Math

Mr. Calem Simrell – 8th American History

Ms Kim Cox – 8th English

Mrs. Tonya Hooper – 8th Math

Mr. Brian Goatley – 8th Algebra

Mrs. Kristen Casey – 8th Science

Ms Kaley Lyons – 8th Elective

Ms Alyssa Sargent – 6th – 8th PE/Health

Mr. David Carpenter – 6th – 8th Outdoor Living/ISD

Miss Bailee Fleming – 6th – 8th Choir

Mr. Jordan White – 6th – 8th Band/Music

Mrs. Sheila Benham – 6th – 8th Art

Mrs. Julie Shelby – 6th – 8th Family & Consumer Sciences

Mrs. Catherine Finegan – 6th – 8th Special Education

Mrs. Nancy Coffer – 6th – 8th Special Education

Mrs. Dana Abercrombie – 6th – 8th Special Education

Mrs. Melanie Steward – 6th – 8th Study Skills

Mr. Walt Anderson – 6th – 8th ISD

Miss Morgan Cantu – 6th – 8th Speech/Debate & Drama

Mrs. Jill Chapman – 8th AG

Mrs. Amber Francis – 8th Yearbook/Newspaper/I.C.R.

Mrs. Stephanie Steward – 7th – 8th Computers

Mr. Logan Friar – 7th – 8th Computers

Mrs. Morgan Engleman – 6th – 8th Counselor

Deputy Josh King – SRO Officer

Mrs. Carolyn Berning – Secretary

Mrs. Denise Ruscha – Attendance Secretary

El Dorado Springs R-2 Schools protocols for sports/activities

• Practice Expectations for Student-Athletes, Activity Participants, and Coaches/Sponsors.


• Attendance sheets are a MUST in the event we have to do some tracking.

• If a game or practice is had on a day a student is not in school or before school starts the coaches must screen the students. A coach wearing a mask can temp check, and screen the students. If practice is after school, there is not a need to screen the students before practice.

• If a participant, coach/director, or official/adjudicator has a positive finding on their COVID-19 screen, he/she should be sent home immediately. If the participant’s parents are not present, escort the participant to a designated isolation room or an area away from others. He/she must wear a mask or face covering. The participant/coach/director is to be referred to a health care provider or a local COVID screening hotline. (MSHSAA Guidelines and Recommendations for opening sports/activities, July 2020)

• Students will wash hands and use hand sanitizer before practice.

• When on a break or timeout wear a mask, and/or social distance.

• Send no more than 10 to the locker room at a time. Have similar position groups in different groups when grouping students together for breaks, or locker room usage when possible. (example: don’t send all your receivers in football to the same group when going to the locker room.)

• Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle or we will have cups to use bottle filler on the water fountain.

• Coaches wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.

• Closed practices indoors are STRONGLY recommended.

• Equipment and facilities necessary will be sanitized and cleaned after each practice.

• Protocols for Home Events–Coaches/Sponsors, Students, Spectators


• If students leave and return for a competition, screening and temperature checks will need to take place.

• Send no more than 10 to the locker room at a time. Have similar position groups in different groups when grouping students together for breaks, or locker room usage when possible.

• When on the bench, on a break or during a timeout wear a mask, or social distance if possible.

• Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle.

• Parents are encouraged to wear a mask and/or social distance. Proper signage will be in place.

• Concession stands will wear gloves

• Tiers for those allowed at games:

Red – Participants, Coaches, Officials, Event Staff, Medical, Security, and Media

Yellow – Limited Spectators (to be determined based off of state guidelines if applicable)

Green – All other spectators, Vendors

• Protocols for Away Events–Coaches/Sponsors, Students, Spectators


• If students leave and return for a competition, screening and temperature checks will need to take place before they step onto the bus.

• Students will be encouraged to wear a mask on the school bus. Make sure we are loading the bus back to front.

• Send no more than 10 to the locker room at a time. Have similar position groups in different groups when grouping students together for breaks, or locker room usage when possible.

• When on the bench, on a break or during a timeout wear a mask, or social distance if possible.

• Parents are encouraged to wear a mask and/or social distance.

ElDo 6th, 7th and 8th grade supply list

6th Grade supplies

1 – 1 1/2 inch binder

1 – Spiral notebook

1 – 1 inch 3 ring binder

2 – Composition boods (college rule-100 pages)

2 – Pocket folders ( plastic w/prongs)


Pencils (2 package)

Pens (black or blue)

Colored pencils

Highlighters (3 colors)

Hole reinforcements

Dry erase markers (4 pack)

Ear buds for computer

Glue stick

Kleenex (girls only)

Hand sanitizer (girls only)

Clorox wipes (boys only)

Loose leaf notebood paper (boys only)

7th Grade – supplies

2 – 3 ring binders

Loose notebook paper (3 packs)

3 – one subject spiral notebooks


Pens (black or blue)

Colored pencils

Disinfecting wipes

Book cover

Kleenex (2 boxes)

Glue sticks (2)

Ear buds for computer


Hand sanitizer (optional)

8th Grade – supplies

1 – One subject spiral notebook

Loose notebook paper (pkgs.)

3 – 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binders

2 Compostion books

Dividers (5 pack)

Pencils  (5 pkgs. fo 24)

Pens (red)


Glue sticks (4 pk)

Clorox wipes (girls only)

Germ X (boys only)

Ear buds for computer

Kleenex (2 boxes)

The following items are only needed if you take these classes:

Art class Journalism/Newspaper

Colored pencils


Hand-held pencil sharpener

1 – 1 inch binder

Technology class

$20 fee for materials


1 – 1 inch binder


8 – 8:51……………………………………………………First Period

8:55 – 9:46……………………………………………Second Period

9:50 – 10:41……………………………………………Third Period

10:45 – 11:36………………………………………..Fourth Period

11:40 – 12:55…………………………………………..Fifth Period

12:59 – 1:49…………………………………………….Sixth Period

1:53 – 2:43…………………………………………..Seventh Period

2:47 – 3:07……………………………………………..Bulldog Time


District recognizes that in order for students to be successful he/she must complete daily assignments and homework from classroom teachers.  If a student does not turn in his/her assignment he/she will receive a ZAP slip.  Assignments worth is reduced 90-80-70-60 until the fifth day at which time the student is assigned a 1⁄2 day Saturday School if he/she has not taken the time to complete the assignment.  During the 1⁄2 day Saturday School the student will receive a list of all make-up work to be completed.  All offenses accumulate quarterly/per class and are as follows:

1st offense Warning; note sent home to parent

2nd offense 2nd Warning; note sent home to parent

3rd offense 8th hour assigned; parent contacted by teacher

4th offense 1⁄2 day Saturday School; parent contacted by principal

5th offense Saturday School; parent contacted by principal

Cell phones/ ipods/electronic devices on school campus

Cell phone, ipods, ipads, and other electronic device usage by students during school hours, nation wide has caused numerous problems for students, teachers, administrators and parents.  In many cities these items have been banned completely from school campuses.  With the onset and abuse of text messaging, camera phones and other electronic devices, the number of incidents involving students cheating, student-on-student harassment and classroom disruptions has increased dramatically. In an effort to protect students and their rights, as well as to help insure the integrity of education, the following clarification/enforcement policy will be as follows:  Cell phones, ipods, ipads, or any electronic devices shall not be visible at any time during regular school hours. This includes, but is not limited to the items being attached to belts, in purses, pockets or backpacks.  Items must be turned off and put away.  Confiscated items will be sent to the building principal’s office.

A. 1st offense – Confiscation of the phone or electronic device for 1 school day or 1day of ISD 

B. 2nd offense – Confiscation of the phone or electronic device for 2 school days or 2 days of ISD

C. 3rd offense Confiscation of the phone or electronic device for 3 school days or 3 days of ISD

The phone or electronic device will be returned at the end of the confiscation period, discipline referral to the office and notification to parents.  Beyond the 3rd offense the phone or electronic device WILL NOT BE ALLOWED at school.

Write student’s name on everything

The Kleenex will need to be given to your English teacher for student use throughout the year.

Quarter or Semester electives may require other supplies or small fees for projects. The teacher will inform the students of other supplies they may need at the beginning of school.

Students are not to bring liquid glue, white out, scissors, compasses or permanent or sharpie markers. Glue sticks are permitted.

Large athletic bags will not be permitted. We recommend that your student use a regular size back pack that will fit in a locker.  Students are not required to have bags or back-packs.

The middle school dress code does not allow students to wear any of the following: tank tops, sleeveless shirts with large arm holes, spaghetti strap tops, shirts which expose the midriff or back, scarves worn as headgear, underwear worn as outer clothing, bandannas or any type of hat. Shorts and skirts should be of modest lengths, so as not to draw undue attention.  Jeans, slacks, pants, shorts, leggings, etc. must not have any holes in them from the waist to the knee. Due to so many students having allergies it is recommended that there be NO SPRAY deodorant, perfume, or spray hair products (there are a lot of alternatives, besides spray). For more dress code no, no’s, see Dress Code in the student handbook.

MS acitivies 2020-21 school year

Aug. 24 – 6th Grade Orientation 6-7 p.m., Small Gym

Sept. 8 – Skating Party 6-8 p.m., Skate Town

Oct. 1 – Lifetouch pictures 1st thing in the morning, TBA

Oct. 23 – Fall dance 7-9 p., Elem. Cafe.

Oct. 26 – MS Showcase 5-6:30 p.m., MS Building

Nov. 18 – Lifetouch picture petakes 1st thing in the morning, TBA

Dec. 11 – Winter dance 7-9 p.m., Elem. Cafe.

Feb. 5 – Valentine dance 7-9 p.m., Elem. Cafe.

March 5 – Lifetouch spring pictures 1st thing in the morning, TBA

May 3 – M.A.P. Survivor 12:15 – 2:54 p.m., M.S. Gym

May 4-7 – M.A.P. testing TBA, TBA

May 7 – Lock-in 3-9p.m., M.S. Gym

May 13 – 8th Grade Recognition 6 p.m., M.S. Gym

R-II Student Directory  information

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Section 99.37 the following conditions apply to disclosing directory information:

An educational agency or institution may disclose directory information if it has given public notice to parents of students in attendance and eligible students in attendance at the agency or institution.

1. The school has elected to release student’s names and addresses.

2.  The parent/guardian must notify the school in writing within       two weeks of enrollment if they do not want the information released.

Schedules/fees/new student enrollment

A $10 non-refundable Technology Usage Fee is to be paid by each student at the start of the school year. This fee helps with computer repairs, printer paper and printer ink. Students will not be assigned a locker until the fee has been paid.

Several forms will be sent home with the student at the beginning of the year. Please fill out and return these forms as soon as possible so we can keep our records on your child current.

First day of classes will begin Wednesday, Aug. 26. We will start serving breakfast at 7:35 a.m.; the first hour bell rings at 7:55 a.m. Don’t be late and let’s make this a great year.

Bulldog time

The purpose of Bulldog Time is to provide additional educational support to all students, especially those students who are struggling academically.  Our objectives are: increase the achievement level of all students, to continue to develop relationships that foster honesty, integrity, and life skills needed to succeed in school and to provide students with the support system that will help them succeed in the classroom, therefore, improving self-esteem.  Bulldog Time will be held everyday from 2:47 p.m. – 3:07 p.m.  During Bulldog Time our middle school students will be offered three different options that they may/will attend.  All rooms will have teacher supervision.  Student grades will be checked every two weeks.

1. Targeted Tutoring Room: students with a grade lower than a C- will be required to report to one  of  these classrooms.  Also any student with a C- or above may to go to one of these rooms for extra assistance.

2. Quiet Room: students with all grades C- or above to work on homework, read, or work on upcoming projects.

3. Bulldog Area: students with all grades C- or above will be allowed to go to the cafeteria and read, do homework, work on upcoming projects, listen to music, or just visit.

Middle School 8th hours/Saturday school policy

Failure to serve an 8th hour will result in a Saturday School (no excuses or reschedules allowed).  There are multiple Saturday School per month.  It is the student’s responsibility to bring homework to work on or bring a book to read. Failure to serve Saturday School will result in the following consequences:

A. 1st offense, 1 day of ISD

C. 3rd offense, 3 days of ISD

B. 2nd offense, 2 days of ISD

D. 4th offense, 4 days of ISD

E. 5th offense and thereafter – consequence will be determined by the principal.