PROGRESS CLUB MAKES DONATION – The Progress Club of El Dorado Springs, Missouri, presented Mrs. Kelly Bryson a check for $500 which was deposited into the Friends of Travis Bryson Scoreboard Fund. The Progress Club Vice President, Mrs. Becky Gazaway, not only shared the thoughtful donation; she also mentioned a few heartwarming memories of Mrs. Bryson.   Mrs. Bryson was Miss Kelly Carter in 1993.  She was a 1992 El Dorado Springs High School graduate, working a summer job during college at Becky’s Flower Shop.  Mrs. Gazaway, (Kelly’s employer at that time) stated, “Kelly was such a wonderful employee at the shop, she had such an amazing work ethic, and everything she did was done to perfection.” Those words still ring true, 27 years later; ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson, continues her work ethic as an administrator who strives to do an amazing job at El Dorado Christian. 

The Progress Club of El Dorado Springs is a local service club with 17 members who meet monthly at their homes.  Becky stated, “That all ages can participate” in each service project that they perform.  The money that The Progress Club donated to Mrs. Bryson was from their Recycled Memorial Day Flower Project.  The members gather, clean, wash, and repurpose used flowers from local cemeteries.   Each flower, after being cleaned, is painted, repaired and arranged; making novel, beautiful arrangements to sell.  All money that is raised is “given back to the community of El Dorado Springs.”  Mrs. Becky Gazaway is proud of her club and invited local women to join.   

The Progress Club Officers are; President – Mrs. Becky McConnaughey, Vice President – Mrs. Becky Gazaway, Secretary – Mrs. Susie Bruce and Treasurer, -Mrs. Bonnie Henry.  The donation of $500 will be deposited into the Friends of Travis Bryson Scoreboard Fund at Community Bank, in El Dorado Springs.   Community Bank will be happy to help anyone that would like to make a donation.  Friends who loved and respected Mr. Bryson set up the account to raise money for scoreboards at the El Dorado Christian School, where Mr. Bryson taught.  Not only did Travis teach Bible, Apologetics, math, and shop, he was the Athletic Director, Cross Country Coach, Volleyball Coach, counselor, Student Council Advisor, bus driver, class sponsor,  senior commencement speaker, Fix-Anything-Electrical-Carpentry-You-Ask gentleman, and Drama/Program sound manager.  As you can see, he was an amazing Christian man, teacher, friend, and hard worker, (like his wife, Kelly).  The Friends of Travis Bryson Scoreboard Fund committee is planning to have a huge garage sale fundraiser at the El Dorado Christian School gymnasium in the upcoming months.  If information regarding the fundraiser or Mr. Bryson’s Go Fund Me Page is needed, please contact 417-876-7467.  Friends of Mr. Bryson would love to accomplish the $15,000 goal, “to honor Travis.”  With the help of The Progress Club of El Dorado Springs, the Friends of Travis Bryson Scoreboard Fund is growing, just like his students at El Dorado Christian.  “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13