by Brinley Janes, 12
As the spring season approaches, so does the time for the EHS spring play. Auditions for the play took place throughout the last week, and students had the chance to showcase their shining stage presences.
During auditions, students had to sign up for time slots where they would read a piece of this year’s play script in front of play director Mrs. Leonard and two other EHS staff members. “We had them read from the actual script itself, unlike in the past when they had to memorize something ahead of time. We didn’t do that because I really just wanted to hear them read from what actually pertains to the play itself,” said Mrs. Leonard.
This year’s play is called “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” The play will be 80s themed, complete with doses of 80s music, as well as 80s knick knacks and candy that will be available for purchase at the concession stand.
The play itself is a comedy for the entire family to enjoy. It consists of 10 completely separate scenes full of various lively characters. “I’m looking forward to the whole thing as it’s our first play in a while and my first time directing a play. I think I’m mostly looking forward to seeing people’s reaction to all the humor in the play,” said Mrs. Leonard.
When it comes to practices, the theatre team will first be divided to practice based on their individual scenes. Mrs. Leonard said, “I’m trying to do that because I know the kids are involved in so many other activities, and I don’t want to force them to choose between them.”
Eventually, though, the theatre team will reunite as a whole to practice all scenes every night for a week before the rise of the curtain.
The official dates for this year’s spring play are March 3rd through the 5th, with a parent’s night on the 2nd. So mark your calendars now, and don’t miss out on this year’s fun-filled production.
Even though many students have already signed up to help out backstage, Mrs. Leonard is still welcoming anyone who wishes to be a part of the production. She said, “I have been so thrilled with all the sign-ups I’ve had for backstage help. We’ve had about 20 people sign up at least, but I would never turn anyone down that wanted to be a part of it or help in any way.”