by Head Coach Kelley Beckner

Homecoming is always a special game to be a part of. Parades, bonfires, and dressing up at school all add in a set of distractions that could easily make a game more difficult. However, the El Dorado Springs Bulldogs took care of business Friday night to conclude an awesome week of Homecoming activities. They defeated Sherwood 49-15.

Coach Beckner said, “It was an awesome end to a fun and exciting week. I was pleased with our team and was happy to see that every member of the squad played multiple reps. We hadn’t had a game like that yet, so it was awesome to see some guys, to experience the full Friday night lights effect.”

The Bulldog offense proved effective and lethal combining for over 300 yards of total offense. Senior Clayton Collins was back running the QB position and seemed to not miss a beat, with the short absence. He hit multiple receivers throughout the completing route combinations being called.

“I thought Clay did a great job of spreading it around and looking at what the defense was giving. There were a couple of those big plays, he and the wideout communicated and had audibles to what I had called. Which is what he is supposed to do when we see a match up we have discussed in practice that week.”

With the success of the offense, it is important to note, they should have had more yardage to go with the success, however, the Bulldog defense did their job in the field position battle to give the offense consistent short fields.

“When you get to start around midfield every time you have the ball, it makes calling plays a lot simpler. Fewer 1st downs need to be earned, and the defense changes what they are able to call. The defense did a great job of getting off the field and bending not breaking. They got in a formation not film very much, so it took a few snaps to get in a rhythm.”

Coach Beckner stated, “All week we talked about “Right the Ship…Stay the Course” we needed to get a Win tonight to get some momentum and satisfaction of the work these guys put week in and week out. They grind and have gone through a true gauntlet of schedules. But this week, going to Butler on Saturday, it should really show. We can gain a share of the conference this week by taking care of business, that is one of our season goals, winning the conference. If we can take care of business and get a little help week 9, there is a chance we can win it outright still. We have to focus on us, and allow those other things to take place. I am excited with where we are at as a team and truly believe our best football is coming, which is great as we are just two weeks away from district time.”

The ElDo Bulldogs travel to Butler next Saturday (10/17) for a 1 p.m. kickoff. Show up, be loud, be proud, and help cheer your Bulldogs to another victory.

COIN TOSS – Traci Beckner awaits the coin flip as honorary team captain.

LANDON MURRY goes to block for Preston Robison running on the edge.