by Michelle Nelson, 12. On Monday, Sept. 19, our girls’ golf team traveled to Carthage to walk 18 holes for the first time. Lanie Wolfe, 10, did the best on our team and shot 101, (the lower the number the better). Skylyn Gibbs, 9, shot 124, and Tasia Weber, 12, shot 133.

Two days later, on Wednesday, Sept. 21, the girls traveled to Strafford, and each girl improved. Lanie shot 90, meaning she got top 10 out of 60 girls and medaled. Skylyn shot 104, just two strokes shy of the top 10, and Tasia shot 131.

The final tournament of the week was on Friday, Sept. 23, in Nevada. Lanie shot 98, Skylyn shot 101, and Tasia improved the most, shooting 115.

Coach Beau Swopes is proud of his girls, “I thought the girls played well for their first time walking 18 holes. The three tournament week was rough and we probably won’t do it again.” Photo By Beau Swopes