STOPPING A BUFFALO STAMPEDE – Clayton Collins (22), Gaven Morgan (25), Will McKinney (40) play defense against the Buffalo Bison.

The El Dorado Springs Bulldogs hosted two conference opponents last week. First, the Butler Bears visited on Tuesday. The first half was a high scoring affair that ended with the Bulldogs leading 38-35. El Dorado turned up the defense in the second half and won 69-53. Gaven Morgan led El Dorado with 20 points. Clayton Collins added 17 and Ian Esry had 13.

The Bulldogs then hosted the Buffalo Bison on Friday. The game was again close at halftime with Buffalo leading 27-26 at the half. The game went back and forth and was tied at 51 at the end of regulation. Buffalo pulled away in overtime and won 66-61. Esry led the team with 21 points. Morgan added 14 and Preston Robison had 13.

The Bulldogs are currently 10-12 and 4-3 in the conference. They host Sherwood on Monday and travel to Nevada on Thursday.