Submitted by Megan Richner

The Cedar County Farm Bureau Board members accepted the 10-gallon milk challenge that has been circulating social media to help the struggling dairy market. They donated whole milk to the SAMA Food Pantry in Stockton and to the Church of Christ Food Pantry in El Dorado Springs.This is also part of their mission to help fight food insecurity in both communities.

“Milk is rarely available for us to get so this is truly appreciated. We are currently serving an average of 155 families per month and we continue to receive an average of 2-3 new applicants each week,” said Danita Ehlers, Church of Christ Food Pantry Director.

Bill and Sharon Linnartz, managers of the SAMA Food Pantry say they serve around 110 families per month and rarely receive fluid milk donations.

Peggy Kenney, Megan Richner and Rose Mott acquired and delivered the milk on behalf of the Cedar County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

DONATED MILK – Sherry Wiseman, Church of Christ Food Pantry volunteer, (right) accepts the milk donation from Rose Mott, Farm Bureau (left).