Dance Night this Friday Night!

This Friday night the El Dorado Springs Municipal Band will have “Dance Night” from 8 to 9 p.m. so bring your dancing shoes and come on down to the Park to join the fun. We hope to see some folks get up and dance to our catchy tunes – we have a few folks who dance with us every year.

We hope you’ll plan to come down to the park Friday and Saturday evening from 8 to 9 p.m. and Sunday afternoon from 2 to 3 to enjoy the band. We look forward to playing for you.

Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Friday, Aug. 9

  * Dance Night

1 Ramblin Rose

2 Blue Danube

3 Swinging Safari

4 Tennessee Waltz

5 Moon River

6 Kentucky Sunrise

7 Stompin at the Savoy

8 My Heart Will Go On

9 Missouri Waltz

10 Can’t Help Falling In Love

11 Blue Tango

12 Beer Barrel Polka

13 Kansas City

14 God Bless America

Saturday, Aug. 10

1 United Nations

2 The Gladiator

3 Ballad of the Green Beret

4 Greater Pittsburgh

5 Polka

6 Blue Book

7 Wings of the Army

8 Trumpet Choice

9 Footlifter

10 Pursuit Squadron

11 Dixie

12 Yankee Doodle Boy

13 God Bless America

Sunday, Aug.11

1 Father of Victory

2 Dixie Land Polka

3 Glory to the Trumpets

4 Melody of Love

5 Polka

6 Just a Closer Walk With Thee

7 Trombone Choice

8 Mr. Touchdown USA

9 Let There Be Peace On Earth

10 Pleyel’s Hymn

11 Green Fields

12 Salute to the Promised Land

13 God Bless America

14 Star Spangled Banner