by Dora Jean McKinley

Marilyn Entrikin took her umbrella to church Sunday. Monday, Chris and Kyla Entrikin took Marilyn to lunch at El Charro in Butler. Jim and Marilyn Entrikin stopped by Tuesday. She was glad to see them. Warmer days ahead Marilyn.

Saturday morning, Mike Jones stopped by to see Tex McKinley. Later, Scotty Fox from Nevada stopped by. A Saturday morning get together. Cloudy and damp but better than that cold spell.

Tex McKinley and Dora Jean stopped by Patty Vaaca’s house to say hi and to give her some good coupons. She might be able to use them. Happy eating Patty.

Marilyn Entrikin went to church Sunday. It started out as nice sunshiny day that turned cloudy.

Ashley Entrikin told Marilyn that her girls were getting over colds and now she had cought it. Marilyn said she has missed the bug so far.

Mike Jones and his little buddy, the wiener dog, stopped by to see Tex McKinley. It was time for wiener dog to take a pit stop, so he did, enjoying the outdoors. Come again soon little guy.

Tex McKinley stopped by to see Danny Hogan and Sheila Friday morning. Lending a helping hand is always nice so, that’s what Tex did.

Well, warmer days always makes kitty cats very frisky and happy so, seeing them is very rare.