by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church was by Pastor Nick Van Dam entitled “Trust” taken from Matthew 15:29-39; services every Sunday at 9 a.m. Come join us.

Mt. Zion Bible study was held in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home Tuesday at 7 p.m with nine in attendance; everyone is invited.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner, the weather was beautiful.

Howard and Dixie Peterson had dinner Thanksgiving Day with Kent Crawford and Beth. Kent took Howard and Dixie to Oak Grove to see Mitchel’s new home. The Petersons have a dog they are training to their ways, her name is Lucy. Brenda Peterson spent a few days visiting.

Bob and Sheri Suster enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner Saturday with family in Kansas.

Gregg and Jack Pelkey, from Springfield, visited Tom and Beverly Pelkey Friday helping Tom cut firewood. The kittens they adopted this summer enjoy sitting in the flower boxes watching Beverly fix breakfast and do her work “peeping toms”?

Family and friends enjoyed Thanksgiving day in the Marge Zink, Stacy and Mike Griffith home were: Wanda Speak, Betty, Larry, Kelly and Kasey Teel of Springfield; Sherry Peterson and Cody of Garden City; Jerry Peterson of Lowry City; Brenda Peterson of Richmond and Tom and Beverly Pelkey of Rockville.

Over at the Robin Siegismund farm Belle is happy to have two goats,  Dottie and Dora, who are expecting kids around Christmas time. Something happened to her perfume; Belle expects Robin destroyed it but Robin is in charge of treats.

There were a couple of fires in the neighborhood, don’t know where for sure do. Be careful with fire it’s dry and windy.

Julia Snethen has been sick ever since she got her flu shot. It messed with her blood sugar and gave her the flu, she spent Thanksgiving by herself home sick. John spent the day with son, Michael, Grace and Logan Snethen and Ron Thompson.