By Helen Ellerman

Madalyn’s Kitchen, south of Schell City, will close after she serves breakfast on Friday, Dec. 1, and again on Friday, Dec. 8. She will have her Christmas buffet on Thursday, Dec. 21.

Jewell and Helen Ellerman and a friend, Rosie Taylor, attended the community dinner at the First Baptist Church at El Dorado Springs Sunday evening, Nov. 26.

Church service was held at the Harwood Baptist Church Sunday, Nov. 26. Bill Clevenger was the guest speaker. His sermon, “Dwarfing Away” was taken from the book of Hebrew. Their pastor, Jon Caudle Sr. has had some stints put in at Freeman Hospital at Joplin Tuesday, Nov. 21. His wife, Judith, says he is home and doing pretty good now.

Ruth Ijams had Thanksgiving dinner with two of her daughters, Peggy O’Brien, who lives with her and her daughter, Jeanie O’Brien, who lives next door to her.

Joey, Amiee and Hunter Coy, of Callhoun, spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the home of his parents, Jerry and Karen Coy.

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