by Helen Ellerman

Madalyn’s Kitchen, south of Schell City, will have her Valentine’s dinner on Wednesday evening, Feb. 14, from 5-8 p.m. She will be closed on Saturday, Feb. 17 through Monday, Feb. 19. She will reopen at her regular time on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Jewell and Helen Ellerman went to Columbia on Tuesday, Jan. 30, for Helen’s knee replacement check-up and Helen got a good report. The Oats Bus took them.

Church services was held at the Harwood Baptist Church Sunday, Feb. 4. They had a new pastor. Brother Mike Dunivan. He is from Nevada. His sermon was taken from Habakkuk 1:1-17. Their former pastor, Jon Caudle Sr. is not well.

Jewell and Helen Ellerman attended the Fried Chicken Friday at the El Dorado Springs Senior Center Friday, Feb. 2. They have it the first Friday of every month. If you are 60 years or over you can eat there for $4 each day Monday through Friday.

The Harwood and Schell City areas had a good snow Sunday, Feb. 2. They say it will be good on the wheat that is planted.

Helen Ellerman said that she saw Fredia Flint at the El Dorado Springs Senior Center Friday, Feb. 2. She is in the Community Springs Nursing Home now at El Dorado Springs. Some of the workers there brought some of the residents for Fried Chicken. Fredia lived in the Harwood area for many years. She worked at the Schell and Walker School until she retired. She said she would enjoy it if her friends would  come see her.

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