Dora Jean McKinley talked to Rose Entrikin to ask how Marilyn was doing. Rose said that Marilyn was home now and doing good. I called Marilyn and talked to her. Good to hear she is better. She gets tired very easy. After being in St. Luke’s for a week.

Tex McKinley and Dora Jean are still picking pecans. With a good price and several pecans a good time to have pecans hanging around. We always called them trees with dollars growing on them.

In our cat world, everything is moving along nicely. Tommy, our tomcat, was with us one day and did not like my driving. I drive the truck back and forth. Never a dull moment in our house. Whitey, our cat, disappeared for a long time. I found her later in the waste paper basket in the bathroom. She is the exact size to fill it up with no room left over.

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