Greetings, My Fellow Missourians

My in-district day last Friday began at the El Dorado Springs High School. Each year, Mr. Robert Jansen invites me to speak to students in the Civics classes. One of my favorite things to do as a state representative is share with students about how our state government operates and representatives’ duties throughout each district and statewide. While I was at the high school I also delivered a resolution to Ms. Jill Chapman, FFA Advisor, for Maggi Medley in recognition of her achievement last Fall earning her American FFA Degree.  Resolutions have been prepared for R.D. Stephens and Nathan Wade, Appleton City FFA Chapter; Corey Duskin and Blake Murray, Osceola FFA Chapter; Katelyn Elder and Dylan Harer, Skyline FFA Chapter; and Breanna Daggett and Jalainee Dampier of the Weaubleau FFA Chapter.  I congratulate all of these young adults for this prestigious achievement.

MO Cattlemen’s Association “Cowboys at the Capitol” kicked off on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Rep. Jeff Knight (District 129) and I will host gathering time and refreshments for them each week.

Joan Kelley, who is a nurse practitioner with the Truman Lake Clinic in Warsaw, visited with me on Wednesday advocating on behalf of nurse practitioners statewide.

I enjoyed meeting students and faculty of the Cornerstone Academy from Warsaw on Thursday while they attended a celebration for School Choice Week at the Capitol.

The State Capitol has been the site of construction since March, 2018, with a $28 million restoration project well underway, which was approved during the budget process in 2014. Renovating, repairing and resetting the exterior stone on the 100-year old building, replacing pavers, repairing retaining walls and fountains, and waterproofing. Focus is being given on the entire exterior from the top of the dome all the way to the ground. In order for the workers to work year round, scaffolding and wrapping has slowly taken place to allow for a more controlled environment. The construction is anticipated to be completed sometime in 2020; while it is an inconvenience for employees and visitors to the Capitol, this renovation will keep the historic building beautiful for the next 100 years.