The El Dorado Springs City Council, at its regular Aug. 13 meeting, appointed a board of directors for a board set up for the sale of the Opera House Theater to Cameron Cowell.

The resolution was actually to appoint the board of directors to the Lillie Corporation, but Cowell is the man behind it all. City Manager Bruce Rogers told the council that Cowell plans to have live performances and once per year host a documentary film festival.

Cowell is seeking a USDA Rural Development Loan to purchase the Opera House.

The Lillie Corporation will purchase and maintain a general liability policy with directors and officers coverage included in the amount of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate and name the City of El Dorado Springs as an addition insured.

USDA requires as a condition of the loan that the Board of Directors be comprised of a majority of local area residents. It is acceptable to USDA that the council appoint the board members. The council appointed Davin Allison, Justin Culbertson, Khloe Murrell, Debbie Vickers, Regina Rodabaugh and Kimball Long.

In the public forum, Glenda Baker told the council, “I would like for the city look into more bulky trash pickups. In some cases, bulky trash sits out for significant time. I realize it is something that would have to be put up for bid but I also feel like this would be a positive for our community. Once a month would be great but quarterly would be an improvement.”

Council members present were Jim Luster, Randy Bland, Jerry Baldwin and Brad True – presiding. Councilman Nick Bland was absent.

During the reports and written communications, the Council reviewed the check register for the month of July as well as the monthly reports from the Police and Fire Departments. In reviewing the check register, a councilman asked why there was a check to McDonald’s. City Clerk Lisa Allison said that was a refund of the deposit during the change over to new owners. A councilman asked when that happened. She said it was in July.

Brenda Hamby, 706 E Sunset, Stockton, was present to introduce herself as she is running for Cedar County Clerk. Hamby said she would appreciate everyone to consider her when voting in the election Tuesday.

During his City Manager’s report, Rogers informed the Council that the contractor on the new well project left out a needed filter and is trying to get it which has slowed completion of the work. They are past the contracted completion date and into liquidated damages. There will be a change order (for about $1,100) and Rogers is waiting to see the final numbers, but feels the City should not compensate the contractor since the contract was not completed on time due to their error.

The project went into $750 per day liquidated damages when it passed the contracted July 20 completion date.

He said the city is close to having all the financials in from the Picnic. He said, “It looks like it will be real close to breaking even.” He said extra money that as raised in a fundraiser will be used to pay for entertainment next year.

Rogers informed the Council that Jennipher Buller has given her two weeks notice with her last day being Aug. 17. Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck commented at this point in time he has a dispatcher trained to take the position. However, his plan did not work out to have someone trained to take over the dispatch position so there may be some delay in getting personnel lined out for a smooth transition.

Rogers commented the Street Department is working on cold mix on Elm St. from the south end to A St. and over to Jackson. This will take approximately 500 tons which is all the City has. Should there be any left over, they will go over Golden St. by the water tower.

“The cost of cold mix is not that much less than hot mix, “ he said.

Rogers stated the Recreation Department is working on cart paths. They try to pour approximately four pours per year.

During the mayor/council reort, Councilman Randy Bland mentioned Glenda Baker’s request. He asked if it would be difficult to get the extra bulky trash pickup going.

Rogers said the solid waste company would charge the city for any extra bulky trash pickup.

Bland said, “It sounds like a good idea to me. I’m all for trying to make the community look better.”

The council went into executive session to discuss personnel. There was no announcement from that session.

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