Facts and thoughts – R. L. Magee, M.D., said,  “The Cedar County Memorial Hospital Board has not asked for (even) a slight increase in their tax levy since its inception in 1960.” He didn’t mention it, but the Hancock Amendment rolled back the original levy from the initial  20¢ to just over 15¢.

Dr. Magee said, “Expenses have risen, income has not risen commensurately due in part to changing reimbursement rates decided by the federal government. As with everything else, the original levy can no longer keep up with inflation.”

The doctor has said, “We have a modern, up-to-date facility we can be really proud of. I urge you to VOTE YES on the Cedar County Memorial Hospital levy on the Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019. ballot.”

Then and now

Cedar County Memorial Hospital in 1960. It was a major addition to the health of the citizens of Cedar and surrounding counties back then.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital in 2019. The upgrades match the technology improvements for the health of our community and surrounding areas.

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