Once again we have a school shooting that makes every one of us shudder. Then, as always, we start hearing about more gun control. How can we think gun control will solve this horrific problem? Every one of these school shootings have broken several laws. The problem starts with the person, shooter, someone missed seeing a problem some time ago.

I have several guns. Two are always loaded. None of these guns have ever shot someone.

We have had terrorists driving cars into people killing several and hurting others. No one has ever called for “car control.” If we put bans on everything that has been used to kill people, there will be so many things banned that we cannot count them. There is no way to write laws to keep people from committing hate crimes. The ones who do these terrible acts are the problems, not the guns.

If I were going to use a gun for some terrible crime, I would not use one of mine. I would steal one or get one illegally. The people doing these acts have already broken laws. Are our politicians so dumb to think more laws would stop this? Maybe we should elect different people, including judges.

Wake up America! Chicago has very tight gun controls and also have the highest gun crimes. Does it work? NO WAY! Let me keep my guns!

Ray Bozarth

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