I am writing today to ask that all Cedar County residents seriously consider a vote of yes for the hospital tax levy. Please see the information below that comes form published material and is being disrupted.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital has been operating under the same tax levy for 58 years. Today, the hospital faces growing technology requirements, the need for plant/equipment upgrades and declining reimbursement. These and other factors have forced the need for this levy increase. The hospital will continue efforts to streamline costs and exploration of new revenue options. You may access the hospital website at www.ccmh.co for more information about the levy initiative.

Just a few facts:

To our knowledge Cedar County Memorial Hospital is one of the only two hospitals in Missouri that also manages the County Health Department.

There is one levy in Cedar County to support the Hospital County health. It currently generates approximately $265,000 in annual revenue. If passed, this levy would generate approximately $795,000 in additional tax revenue (a total of $1,060,000).

The average Missouri county with a Critical Access Hospital such as ours and a County Health Department generates approximately $1,192,415 in tax revenue to support these two entities. We are currently severely below this average.

Cedar County memorial Hospital employs 130 individuals and contracts with many more. We are the second largest employer in the county and have an annual payroll of $3,200,00 much of which goes back into the local economy.

If this levy passes, the owner of a $92,700 home would see a property tax increase of approximately $80.74 a year which is about $6.73 a month or .22 a day.

We understand that no one likes tax increases, but this is an increase that could save your life by supporting the hospital and its 247 emergency room services.

I was born and raised most of my life in El Dorado Springs and I am now working at the hospital. I have always had a heart for this town. I do not know what will occur is the levy does not pass, but do not want to know. Once again, vote yes April 2, 2019.

Thank you for your time.


Hollee Cross, RN

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