The issue of illegal immigrants seems to be such a hot issue that I believe many of us do not think about our legal immigrants. While many illegal immigrants are getting free housing, food, medical attention, and other benefits, the legal immigrants are having to learn English, pay large amounts for paperwork and forms to be completed, and have to pass a test that has questions about U.S. history, Constitution, and laws that even the average American might have a hard time passing. If I remember correctly, I think they have to prove that they are going to be a benefit to our society. It seems to me that there is something wrong with this picture.

Some states are going so far as to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. It is no wonder we have a problem with illegal immigrants. We are probably one of the few countries that encourage this illegal activity and reward them for it. There will be more problems to come as they will not want to abide by our laws or integrate with our communities. And this will be at the taxpayers’ expense.

As for the legal immigrants, I applaud them for their hard work and patience to become a true American.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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