It is so interesting to watch the political scene unfold day by day. When Obama was in the office of President, the Democrats had a built in answer if you did not like either him or his policies, “You’re just racist.” So, we bit the bullet and put up with eight years of our nation slowly going down the drain and the economy going nowhere.

Along comes Trump and says “America First” and “Make America Great Again: and says he will bring jobs back to America and Obama’s reply is “What is he going to do wave a magic wand, those jobs are gone forever.”

Well, maybe he did have a magic wand for the economy is roaring back and the Democrats just can’t figure out how to read Trump or how to stop him. And its not just the Democrats, the foreign heads of state can’t stop him either.

He took us out of the Paris Accord and killed the Iran Treaty and has us talking with North Korea and whether or not we get the Nukes out of the Korean Peninsula at least we are talking with each other and not shooting at each other. War is not a good solution if it can be avoided and at this point in time we are doing as Teddy Roosevelt suggested, “Talk softly and carry a big stick.”

Mexico and all the Third World Nations played us being suckers for a long period of time and now maybe as Reverend Wright said “Their chickens are coming home to roost.” The Democrats will not work with President Trump in any way shape or form so he is going around them in another way.

When Castro took over Cuba we allowed thousands of Cubans to come into the USA and with the money these exils sent back to Cuba Castro was able to stay in power and ride out the storm. Mexico has followed the same pattern as Castro and with the money the illegals sent back to Mexico it boosted their economy and now with the Trump increase in import fees the President of Mexico is howling like a mad dog at this upstart Trump doing something so underhanded as putting the USA first. How dare him.

I believe that Trump loves this country and is willing ot take this BS day after day when he could just throw in the towel and retire but instead he hunkers down and lets it slide off his back and says “Tomorrow is another day.” Sort of like Scarlet O’hara in Gone With the Wind.

Hang in there Donald, you have six more years to go. We are with you.

Bud Olinger,

El Dorado Springs