For the first time in nearly 60 years, Cedar County Memorial Hospital is turning to the voters of Cedar County for financial support to keep up with operational expenses, maintenance and equipment needs, government imposed technology requirements and the potential possibility of expanding services.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital is our county hospital.  For those of you who haven’t visited Cedar County Memorial Hospital lately, I urge you to do so and to find out more about the breadth of services offered there.  It is certainly always good to have freedom of choice, and the presence of Cedar County Memorial Hospital assures that choice is available.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital opened its doors in 1960. During that time and continuing today, CCMH has provided quality medical and surgical services to our residents and those of surrounding counties. This past year, 417 Magazine recognized the Top Doctors in the Joplin area.  Dr. David Smith was listed as the Top Doctor for Emergency Medicine, with Dr. Clinton Loy, Dr. Roberto Moran-Bojorquez and Dr. James Riscoe listed as Runners Up.  Dr. Jose DeHoyos was listed as the Top Doctor for Cardiovascular Disease.  All of these physicians are on the Medical Staff at Cedar County Memorial Hospital.

This past year, Cedar County Memorial Hospital received a “Most Zero Harm Measures” award from the Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network (HIIN). This award is a symbol of the focus Cedar County Memorial Hospital puts on both quality and safety by having minimized adverse drug reactions, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers, sepsis, surgical site infections and other complications stemming from hospital care.

We cannot forget the vital role Cedar County Memorial Hospital plays in our county’s economy.  Cedar County Memorial Hospital provides for and financially supports the Cedar County Health Department and is the second largest employer in the county, with approximately 130 employees.   This does not include contracted personnel or outside support businesses.  For Cedar County  and the surrounding area, not only is Cedar County Memorial Hospital important to the economic structure of our county, but it also provides valuable medical service close to home.

I hope you will support your county hospital by voting yes on April 2.

Marlon Collins

Cedar County

Presiding Commissioner