Taberville Report

by Linda McAllister

Dains Fish Farm

Right now, I’m kinda getting’ mixed reports on white cats. I don’t know if the water has crested and started to go down and that had kinda shut them off down here. But the white cat fishing has been real good.

I got a report that crappie fishing is real good on the south lake at Schell right now usisng live bait. We have the rosy red minnows that’s what she is fishing with.

I don’t know how the buffalo are doing right now over the road at Schell. Over the weekend, they were really slaying he buffalo now only with spear fishing, but they were catching them on rod and reel. They said the buffalo would jump and fight and it was just like catching tarpon. So, that was fun for everybody over the weekend. Big ones, from 24-36 inches on up.

ElDo Report

By Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting and Tackle

Fishing’s good at Schell. Crappie are biting in the south lake. A kid was catching channel cats at the tubes between the lakes.

They were catching some crappie down at Caplinger before the river came up. Don’t know about now.