Stockton Area Report

by Brad Burns

Happy Hooks

We are having a benefit tournament for flood relief out of here on Sept. 16, 50/50 pay back. The rest goes for flood relief in Texas.

Fishermen can call the bait shop and we’ll know everything in a few days. 417/955-4240.

We’ve got several people already donating some extra prizes.

It’s slowed down but they are still catching some walleye in the lake in brushpiles on jigs and nightcrawlers and crappie on jigs.

Taberville Report

By Bobbie Dains

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing’s good. It will be back in its banks soon. The guys I know who fish have done real well. They are not fishing right here at Taberville. They are fishing up and down.

It’s getting better. I look for this weekend to be real good. I’m sure it will be. Of course, I’ve been wrong before once.

Q. It’s 712 down at the Truman dam. I don’t know what it is with you.

It topped the boat ramp. It just now got out of the parking lot. I look for it to straighten itself up by the weekend. I’d say by Friday they will be throwing lines in and catching fish. I know it’s going to be good fishing. We had enough water and it didn’t stay up long enough to spoil the water. It didn’t damage the water quality so the fish will  probably come back here to feed. If it works right, it’s a good thing.

Now if it stays up and gets stagnant, it’s a bad thing. The fish have to leave or die.

You know Raymond caught one that weighed 91 lbs. the other day. That’s he biggest fish that I’ve seen. I weighed him personally. That fish weighed 91 lbs. and not an ounce under or over. And it did not have a shoe or a sinker in it. That fish was empty and clean because I watched him dress it.

He was a big healthy, good strong fish. His gut was clean as a whistle. He could have bulked up 10 lbs. easy. If you’d have caught that fish on a different day he could have weighed a hundred and something.

He didn’t dip net that fish. He grabbed him and put him in the boat.

If he gets close enough, I’m going to grab him and hang on. I’d be like be like a snapping turtle.

I haven’t had too many aggressive fish in the lake, but if you put a 50 pounder in my minnow tank for a couple of days, when you try to get him out, he can jump three feet in the air. I’m telling you, they are strong.

ElDo Report

Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

They are catching some cats out of the Osage fishing with anything and everything. A few flatheads, not very many. The rest whites and blues. They are catching a few little bitty crappie.

Deer season is coming up. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your tags.